How Rhythm Menagerie works to get rhythm inside music students
How Rhythm Menagerie works to get rhythm inside music students
3 big new rhythm resources coming + Download FREE sample of Rhythm Menagerie

How Rhythm Menagerie Works

Tuesday, August 29th is the day we’ll be releasing the 3 new resources, including an updated, more musical edition of Rhythm Menagerie. But I wanted to tell you a little more about how Rhythm Menagerie works and why it’s been so successful for so many teachers and students.

Did you get the free sample?

If you haven’t already downloaded your free sample of Rhythm Menagerie (you get entire first unit), get your FREE sample of Rhythm Menagerie here.

Rhythm Menagerie is designed to take away the distractions of note reading, dynamics, and other musical things to teach rhthm as a primary skill. There is nothing more fundamental to music making than rhythm. Even if your students play only by reading, only by rote, or only by ear, rhythm is the the ONE thing that they must have in order to sound good!

So it only makes sense that rhythm should be taught as a fundamental and by itself so that it can inform and transform all of our students’ music making activities. Getting rhythm inside our students helps to make it a part of them so that the rhythm that comes out on the outside is more accurate.

What’s the problem?

The problem is that we often pull out little snippets of rhythm from our method books or pull down random rhythm drills from the internet (including some on my site) to help our students learn rhythm. But these rhythms are not typically musical rhythms. They are not carefully designed to be musical and to help students master rhythm, love rhythm, and enjoy practicing…all of which are important in developing rhythm in our students.

Do you know the difference between an unmusical rhythm and a musical one?

That’s one of the things I demonstrate on the video today. There’s much more to a rhythm curriculum than just putting random rhythms on a page or even repeating a motive.

Watch the video above so that you can see how Rhythm Menagerie works and how it’s designed to:

  • Be easily mastered – We don’t want our students struggling with rhythms when they are first introduced to it:
  • Develop coordination – It’s not just important to clap rhythm
  • Be fun – Rhythm is fun, so practicing rhythm should be fun as well
  • Take away the distractions of note reading to ensure that the rhythm is what is mastered
  • Designed to be musical – especially with the revisions we are making for the new edition

What’s happening on Tuesday, August 29th

If you’ve been part of the ComposeCreate community for long, you know that the best sales are always when we release a new product. And often those products are rarely on sale again because even their regular price is such a value (when purchased as a studio license).

So on Tuesday, if you are a part of the ComposeCreate community (you can join here), you’ll get an email in the morning about what’s new! You’ll get links so you can:

  • Watch an unveiling of the new products
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  • Take advantage of a bonus offer for those who purchase within a specific time
  • Watch videos about the new products

I can’t wait! In the meantime, be sure to download your FREE sample of Rhythm Menagerie and don’t forget to watch the video above so you can see how Rhythm Menagerie works so well!

Here’s what teachers who use Rhythm Menagerie say about it:

I would be tearing my hair out if it wasn’t for Menagerie and Manipulations. They have made my life so much better. After 6 months, two of my rhythmically challenged transfer students are beginning to play rhythms correctly the first time.
 Secondly, all my younger students now count automatically under their breath. It is amazing. No reminders needed; it is just part of their playing. I am amazed! Another girl, who had a serious rhythm issue, just couldn’t feel a steady beat even when walking, has a good internal beat. ~ W.H.

I love these! Each set meets a need for fun and rhythm. Seriously. They’re great.  ~ Diane Hidy

I have had so much success with the Rhythm Menagerie. It is hard to believe how eager they are to count out loud, tap, clap etc. It has been fabulous.  ~Theodora Carr

The book is so well designed in so many ways.  I used it with students as soon as I downloaded and they are having a lot of fun.  Especially high fiving and counting during one of the lessons. That brought a lot of laughs….  ~ Susan Hong

This is really a huge learning tool and lots of fun! EVERY elementary school should have this as a precursor to their band programs.   ~ Sheree Naquin