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The Making of a Star - big and bold solar eclipse music for elementary piano students | ComposeCreate.com

Is it Solar Eclipse Music?

To tell you I am excited about this new piece would be an understatement!

But here’s why I’m so excited:

We all want music that motivates and teachers our students to play artistically and to play well. But our students just want to sound awesome. They want to sound amazing and impress their friends. They want to be competent and to sound accomplished.

They want to sound better than their level, right?

Well, that’s a tall order because elementary music and method books don’t sound anything like that. They are usually made of single note melodies or boring single note accompaniments. And when students are already coming back from their summer break rusty, then finding music for them that makes them sound mature is next to impossible!

If they get review pieces that are boring or make them sound childish, they feel horrible when they leave. They don’t feel motivated to practice and it often discourages them that they don’t have music that makes them sound good right from the beginning.

But I think students should be able to leave their first fall lesson with music that makes them sound amazing. Mature. Accomplished. More advanced than they really are!

And that’s the kind of music that motivates them to run to the piano to practice. That’s the kind of music that sets the right tone for a diligent fall semester.

That’s the kind of music that I’m introducing today! And though I didn’t intend it, it will be perfect solar eclipse music for what’s happening in North America this next week!

Introducing The Making of a Star

As you know, it’s a passion of mine to create Music Kids Love! And The Bold Escape and A Royal Invitation have been two of those pieces that have made teachers like Melissa Willis say,

It makes my beginning students feel like concert pianists!

But it’s not just about kids! It’s about adults too. As Jeananne says:

I am using The Bold Escape, Amazing Grace, and Royal Invitation with my beginning college students! Mostly young men, and they LOVE them.

And so you can understand why it’s so exciting to introduce you to the newest Big, Bold, and Beautiful piece that’s perfect for your elementary students this fall! Though I didn’t specifically write it as solar eclipse music, it’s perfect for capitalizing on the excitement. It’s going to knock their socks off and the socks of anyone who listens. They won’t believe how amazing they can sound. Watch the video first and then see how to teach it below!

The Making of a Star - big and bold solar eclipse music for elementary piano students | ComposeCreate.com

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The Making of a Star - Perfect for solar eclipse music

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