New BIG sounding accompaniments for Holiday Rhythm Cups!

If you already use Holiday Rhythm Cup Explorations, you already know how much fun your students have while cup-tapping awesome choreography to a holiday piano arrangement.

So what’s the problem?

But the piano arrangement can sound a little sparse when you are performing for a recital, a program, or even at a group lesson. And this can leave students feeling a little disappointed with the overall effect. Last year, we provided the option to purchase recordings of the piano so that you could cup-tap with students. But even those feel a little empty too, especially when you compare them to what has come out today!

Now we have 18 full-sounding tracks for you!

I worked with the wonderful musicians at IMMusic who created these 18 full-sounding, beautiful Holiday Cup-tapping Accompaniments to go with Holiday Rhythm Cup Explorations. These will NOT disappoint! All you have to do is watch the video and you’ll know why this holiday, your students will leave their cup-tapping lesson or program or recital with a heart full of the season!

Get the Big Sale Here!

These extraordinarily full and festive sounding Holiday Cup-tapping Accompaniments are on sale this week! We always bring you the lowest and best price when we first launch a product and this is no exception! You can get either just the tracks for a huge discount OR the tracks + the book at an even bigger discount! The Holiday Rhythm Cup Explorations book has never been on sale since we first brought it out, so now is the time to purchase it if you want the best price.

$11.99  Instrumental Accompaniment Tracks only

$29.98  $27.98 Instrumental Accompaniment Tracks + PDF Book (3 pieces + 3 levels of cup-tapping choreography)

New BIG Sounding Holiday Cup-tapping Accompaniments

Track Samples:

All audio files are mp3s and include a 2 measure count off and then 4 measures of the piece’s percussion ensuring the students are together in their first cup-tapping introduction. In these samples, you’ll hear 2 measure of click track, then 4 measures of percussion (where the students start cup tapping), and then the instrumentation will begin in m. 7.

We Wish You a Merry Christmas, fast tempo, with piano:

Joy to the World, fast tempo, with piano:

Deck the Hall, fast tempo, with piano:

Includes tracks with and without piano!

If someone is already playing the piano part, you’ll use the set of tracks in the folder marked “without piano.” But if you have no one to play the piano or if you don’t even have a piano in the room, you can use the tracks marked “with piano!”

Deck the Hall, fast tempo, no piano:

Book Samples:

New BIG Sounding Holiday Cup-tapping Accompaniments
New BIG Sounding Holiday Cup-tapping Accompaniments

Where and how can I use the Holiday Cup-tapping Accompaniments?

The sky’s the limit here. Teachers all around the world have used Holiday Rhythm Cup Explorations for:

  • Recitals – This will WOW parents and make you look like the most creative teacher in your city!
  • School programs – No piano needed anymore since you now can get the tracks! The cup-tapping choreography is beautiful with lots of students!
  • Group lessons – Students love this so much that in January, one teacher said, “My teenagers have already started asking about a party (where we used Holiday Rhythm Cup Explorations) again this year. We had great fun with the games and the cups!
  • Private lessons – It’s very rewarding for students to be able to cup-tap an entire piece with you!

Are these different than the piano tracks you had previously?

Yes, the Holiday Cup-tapping Accompaniments are waaaaaayyyy different! Last year, we brought out some handy piano tracks so that you could practice cup-tapping with the students instead of playing the piano. But this is a whole lot different as you can tell by the sound. These are performance quality tracks that will be great in any performance, or much more rewarding than using just the piano.

Is this different than your “Audience-Participation” holiday pieces?

New BIG Sounding Holiday Cup-tapping Accompaniments that are different than these audience-participation pieces.Yes, definitely! We have two audience participation holiday pieces: We Wish You a Merry Christmas and We Three Kings Cups. These pieces include the audience in cup tapping and are definite “bring down the house” pieces for your holiday recital. But they don’t really show off your students rhythm abilities! Holiday Rhythm Cup Explorations allows your students to perform an entire cup-tapping choreography with a piece in front of the audience, or just learn cup-tapping choreography to play with music at your lessons.

Other questions?

I’m always happy to answer them. Just shoot me an email!

Get the Holiday Cup-tapping Accompaniments on sale today!

New BIG Sounding Holiday Cup-tapping Accompaniments

$11.99  Instrumental Accompaniment Tracks only

$29.98  $27.98 Instrumental Accompaniment Tracks + PDF Book (3 pieces + 3 levels of cup-tapping choreography)

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