Jazz Up Your Holiday Listening List!

I’m always looking for ways to freshen up my listening list for the holidays. Yes, I have plenty of fresh piano arrangements since that’s what I “do,” but getting fresh recordings of holiday music is something my family tries to do every year.

But I didn’t make this new music

jazz up your holiday music list

While I love making videos, and I have a whole Christmas CD that’s for sale, recording music to then sell is not my thing! So, I’m super excited to tell you that there’s some fun new music out there that you should check out. IMMusic has created a number of arrangements to download for only $.99 (and you get a coupon to save even more) that are super fun.

These musicians at IMMusic are the same creative musicians that created:

Let me give you a sample

Though they have several styles of arrangements, these guys shine when it comes to jazz, so it’s no surprise that their tunes with a jazz style are my favorites. At my house, we absolutely love the Peanuts Christmas Movie (the old one with the Charlie Brown Christmas tree), so any music that has that Peanuts jazz sound of Vince Guaraldi is loved around here (one of these pieces especially is like that)! Here are some samples (these are mp3s because they are smaller file sizes, but you get the full-sounding wav file when you get them from the IMMusic site):

Now let me give you a coupon!

The guys at IMMusic are pretty awesome and they are giving ComposeCreate followers a special coupon for 10% off your total purchase (they are already very cheap anyway at $.99 a track) if you enter coupon code: ComposeCreate10 at checkout! The coupon is good through December 10th!

Click to get music at IMMusic!