Free Holiday Who Am I Game!

Great icebreaker for holiday group lesson or holiday music party. Holiday Who Am I | #pianoteaching #holiday #piano #grouplessons #party #holiday

Holiday group lessons or parties have always been my favorite part of the teaching year! But, we all know that group lessons can be tons of work beforehand. So this year, I’m giving away two holiday games, which when combined with Holiday Rhythm Cup Explorations, mean that pretty much ALL of your lesson planning is done ahead of time for you! [Plus…if you download the game below, I’ll send you the lesson plan which includes tips on scheduling, overlapping lessons, and more!]

Bonus: New Hanukkah Cards Added

If you’ve been a part of the ComposeCreate community for at least 2 years, you may have already downloaded this game. BUT, this time, I added a page of cards that have Hanukkah terms on them for your Jewish students. Feel free to download the most recent game again below.

I promise that if you download this game (I’ll actually email you 2 games plus the holiday music lesson plan) and get or use Holiday Rhythm Cup Explorations, you’ll be SET for this piano or music party!

This 2016 version of Holiday Who Am I includes:

Yes, you can use this for all kinds of students by simply pulling out the cards that are appropriate. The Holiday Who Am I cards included in this 2016 version include:

  • Secular terms for non-religious parties
  • Christian terms in line with the Christmas story
  • Hanukkah cards

How to play “Holiday Who Am I”

This is a great icebreaker game. And chances are, you’ll mix some ages and levels of students in this holiday piano or music party, so you’ll need it! You’ll get the written directions for Holiday Who Am I when you download the game below. But, here’s a video that tells you a little about how it works: