The Perfect Holiday Music Lesson Plan


Free holiday music lesson plan

Are you overwhelmed trying to think up a good holiday music lesson plan? Here’s the perfect recipe for a group lesson or party that will have your students so excited about coming back in January!

This is probably the cheapest and most fun group lesson or party you’ll host!

Yes, I’m going to give you the holiday music lesson plan (plus two of the games) for free and I promise, it’s a super easy plan to implement. All the details are in the download, but here are some of the highlights:

Very few supplies are needed for this holiday music lesson plan

  1. Free holiday group lesson plan!Cups – You can use your own plastic ones or I’d recommend buying Christmas colored Solo cups.
  2. Refreshments – Ask your students to each bring something! Cookies, veggies, little sandwiches, etc. You can just provide the drinks.
  3. Ice Breaker Game – You just need tape and then this FREE download that you can print out!
  4. Holiday Rhythm Cup Explorations PDF book + Piano tracks
  5. Name That Holiday Tune – get the FREE download here (you only need to click any of these links once…I’ll send the holiday music lesson plan and the two games to you all in the same email!)

So that’s it! The only thing you’ll have to buy is drinks, cups, and the Holiday Rhythm Cup Explorations PDF. Super cheap party and really, really easy!

Flexible schedule for a great holiday group lesson

Holiday Group Lesson PlanYour group lesson or party might be anywhere from 40 minutes to 1.5 hours! In the download that you can get here, I’ve included a number of detailed plans for different lesson lengths.

  1. Ice Breaker Game (5-10 minutes)
  2. Holiday Rhythm Cup Explorations (20-30 minutes)
  3. Snacks (15 minutes)
  4. Name That Holiday Tune (This is your “extra game.” You may not need it and you might want to even play it during your snack time. But I promise, Holiday Rhythm Cup Explorations will be soooo fun, that I doubt you’ll need this one!) Feel free to have your students play their pieces for this one or just play from the list of pieces in the free game.

Try overlapping group lessons

Some of the BEST parties I’ve thrown have been ones where I have two groups that overlap, so we put snacks at the end of one group and at the beginning of the next group. So that schedule might look something like this:

4:00 – Group 1
4:40 – Group 2 comes and we have snacks
5:00 – Group 1 leaves and group 2 stays for the activities
5:40 – Group 2 leaves

Now get the FREE holiday music lesson plan + 2 free games!

All you need to do to get the FREE holiday music lesson plan and 2 free games is to click here for the freebies.

Then, get Holiday Rhythm Cup Explorations here and you’ll be set!

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