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New Spring Template Package!

I’m so excited about this year’s spring template package because it’s just so beautiful. It’s my favorite so far. The colors are popular, it features Vivaldi’s spring melody, it showcases beautiful cut-out designs, and looks refreshingly artistic and professional. It now joins the set of 8 different recital program packages in our store.

This new spring template package can be used by piano teachers, dance teachers, string teachers, classroom music teachers, and any music teacher who wants to look artistic and professional in all they do.

What’s so special about this 2019 spring template?

In addition to the beautiful, artistic design, here are some of the features of this spring template:

  • Music is featured – The melody from Vivaldi’s Spring from The Four Seasons is features on both the horizontal and vertical programs and invitations.
  • White space – We know ink is expensive, so each time we design our programs, I ask the artist to use the white space as part of the design. This saves you tons of ink when you print your programs if you are using a home printer. Plus you can always use the black and white templates that are included if you don’t want to use color ink.
  • Artist designed – We never pull images from the internet or stock photography sites and call it good. This design, as with all our program designs, was carefully crafted by an artist, not just a graphics person.
  • All the text is editable – You can name your recital whatever you want because all the text is editable! Plus, if you use the Word (for pc users ) or Pages (for Mac users) files (the package comes with both plus editable PDF files), you can change font size, color, etc. ↓

spring template

Do you have lots of students? They’ll all fit!

We’ve included both vertical and horizontal programs in this package. The vertical design contains a front and a back page and the horizontal design includes 3 areas in which you can type students. Plus, if you have lots of students or students playing lots of pieces, you can easily edit the size of the font if you use the Word or Pages file. You can choose to leave a space between performers (as shown in the examples) or you can fit 2x the number of students on the program by single spacing your lines.

What file formats are included?

We provide all 3 common file formats:

  1. Word Documents (for those with PCs)
  2. Pages Documents (for those with Macs)
  3. Editable PDF documents (everyone can use these!) You can download Adobe Reader to any computer and open and edit the text of the PDFs.

What’s included?

2019 Spring Editable Recital Program Package | ComposeCreate.com

This Spring Template package contains everything you need to look professional! This package includes:

  • Color invitation poster
  • Color 4-up invitations (these can be cut to be handed out to families)
  • Color vertical program front side
  • Color vertical program back side (different design)
  • Color horizontal, booklet style program front
  • Color horizontal, booklet style program back
  • Color compliment cards – 6 to a page
  • Black and white invitation poster
  • Black and white 4-0up invitations (can be cut to be handed out to families)
  • Black and white vertical program front
  • Black and white vertical program back
  • Black and white horizontal, booklet style program front
  • Black and white horizontal, booklet style program back
  • Black and white compliment cards

See Samples:

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