Christ the Lord is Risen Today - Modern Adventurous Easter arrangement Advanced Easter Music by Wendy Stevens |$9.99  $8.99 Studio license

New Advanced Easter Music

Easter is about new life and new beginnings and the unique resurrection of Christ. So, I’ve often felt that playing the same arrangements of the same tunes over and over again every year didn’t really represent Easter! Yes, I love hearing the Hallelujah Chorus every year, but shouldn’t we also use new music that is celebrating the resurrection of Christ as well?

So, I’m so excited to release this advanced Easter music today. You’ve probably never heard an arrangement of “Christ the Lord is Risen Today” quite like this!

Though based on an old tune, this arrangement is filled with new life, new energy, and a new and adventurous sound! It might require some practice, but it’s so rewarding to play and the new life and energy in the piece will be felt by all who hear!

advanced easter musicHow advanced is this advanced Easter music?

That’s a fair question, so let me try to help you know what is advanced about it. First, the rhythms themselves are not difficult as the smallest note value is actually the eighth note. However, the shifting meters and the tempo of the piece are what make it advanced. The eighth note equals the eighth note in the shifting meters, so it is not going to require copious counting. The shifts are fairly straightforward, but really give the piece a modern and energetic edge that’s missing from a lot of 4-bar phrase older hymn tunes.

Bonus mp3 comes with the studio license

If you purchase the studio license of this advanced Easter music, you’ll receive a free mp3 recording of the performance. This recording does not have any voiceovers and will be very helpful in learning the piece.

May I use it for teaching?

Yes, if you purchase the studio license, you can use this with your more advanced students. It is very carefully edited to include articulations and markings that will help make it a successful performance piece or a lovely, energetic offertory. Plus, even though I know that many advanced pianists prefer to use their own fingerings, I have included suggested fingering to help students and those who need fingering ideas.

Watch the advanced Easter music here:

Advanced Easter Music - Christ the Lord is Risen Today arranged by Wendy Stevens

What’s included in Christ the Lord is Risen Today:

  • 1 Piano solo (digital PDF)
  • Cover (we always include that)
  • 1 bonus mp3 recording without voiceover (included only with studio license)

Studio license – If you purchase the studio license, you can make prints of both of this piece for yourself AND any students you directly teach for your entire lifetime of teaching! Plus you receive the bonus mp3 recording.

Single license – If you purchase the single license, you can only use it for one person at any time. It is not transferable and does not include the recording.


$9.99  $8.99 Studio license

$4.99 Single license
(No bonus mp3 included. Can only be use for one person. Non-transferable.)