Yes, they are finally here! Imagine all the fun of Rhythm Cup Explorations only now accompanied by fun, rhythmic beats! Don’t waste time trying to find just the right kind of beat for all the pages of Rhythm Cup Explorations. We’ve done it for you!

Sale on Rhythm Cup Explorations BEATS!

We have created a fun little accompaniment track for every page of Rhythm Cup Explorations! But we didn’t just create 1 track, we created 3 tracks so you could have 3 different tempos with which to practice and challenge your students!

What’s included in Rhythm Cup Explorations BEATS?

  • 36 mp3 tracks
  • 3 tracks per page that include a practice, performance, and challenge tempos
  • 1 introductory file that includes extra information about how you can get the tracks to be even faster or slower (through apps) and a fun variation on how to practice the 16th note section of the book.

How is it delivered?

You’ll get an email with links to 2 zipped files. Simply double click the zipped files and they will unzip for you. Then, double click the folders and you’ll see your mp3 files! If you have an older computer, you might need to download the free version of Winzip to get them to unzip, but you probably won’t even need that!

Let me hear some samples!

You got it! Click on the samples in the box below.

Get the book here:

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