Last week, you learned about the intermediate piece “Drastic Measures” and have blown me away with your excitement and purchases (thank you for those)! But this week, I’m excited to tell you that Willis Piano Music has published 2 new pieces of mine, at different levels than “Drastic Measures,” that will be perfect for your fall recitals! AND I’m going to be giving away 1 of the pieces to 2 teachers who comment on how they make their fall recitals interesting! I’m excited to hear your ideas!

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The Rite of Fall – Mid-elementary Piano Piece

Yes, that’s a hat tip to Igor Stravinsky! I was always very fascinated with his rhythmic prowess. And you’ll know why when you hear or see just a bit of this mid-elementary piece. Nothing very difficult here, just some carefully placed accents and interesting harmonies to hint at Igor!

Rite of Fall Wendy Stevens        Rite of Fall Page 2

Here’s what Willis Piano Music says about the piece:

This rousing, ominous piece is a playful nod (and possibly a great introduction) to Stravinsky’s famous Rite of Spring. Although it may look a little difficult on paper because of the accidentals, students will soon figure out the clear rhythmic and harmonic patterns. It’s perfect for fall recitals, but also a great piece for any time of the year!

Regardless of whether your students get the connection, I’m pretty sure they’ll enjoy the creepy, ominous sound! It’s also a great way to introduce them to just a bit of Stravinsky!

Purchase Rite of Fall from:

Whirling Shadows

You might have some older early intermediate students that want something mysterious sounding but not kid like, so I wrote Whirling Shadows just for them. It’s actually suitable for any time of year, but especially for the fall. This piece is easy to play, but sophisticated with that little bit of Lydian spook:

Whirling Shadows Wendy Stevens       Whirling Shadows Page 2

Here’s what Willis Piano Music says about this piece:

A stirring melancholic piece perfect for moody days. Swirling patterns and syncopated rhythms add to the mysterious quality. Key: G Major.

Purchase Whirling Shadows from:

Enter the Giveaway!

Yes, I’m going to be giving out 1 copy of “Rite of Fall” and another of “Whirling Shadows!” Just enter a comment below and tell me what you do to make your fall or any recital interesting. I’ll be drawing the winner this weekend, so enter by Friday at midnight!