Free Gift #2 - 2018 All is Calm Holiday Gift Tags
Free 2018 All is Calm Holiday Gift Tags
Free 2018 All is Calm Holiday Gift Tags

We’re sorry, but the offer for the free gift tags has expired. However, you can still get the gift tags AND recordings by purchasing the 2018 All is Calm studio licensed bundle.

2018 All is calm recordings

Get the 2018 Gift Tags FREE for a limited time!

2018 Holiday Gift Tags from ComposeCreate.comOver the years we’ve had a lot of fun creating the covers for the All is Calm All is Bright collection of piano music. The covers are a themed set of Christmas village houses and settings that are nostalgic of the past. So they represent the traditional holiday tune that is then transformed into something unique and fresh, but still nostalgic about all that is good about Christmas.

Every year, we create special gift tags similar to the covers to give away in the days leading up to the release of the new music. Then after the release, we still give these as a bonus to anyone who purchases the studio licensed bundle.

So today, you can get these special 2018 holiday gift tags (plus we are sending you more recordings of past releases) for free! But get them by November 5th!

Bring back the wonder

Everyone knows that look of a child at Christmas, looking at the lights in wide-eyed wonder. Running to the Christmas tree and squealing with delight. Everything is new to them and fills them with wonder.

But we often lose this wonder as we grow older. We get laden with the stress of preparation and the busyness of the season. In our musical lives, we often pull out those tried and true arrangements that “work” and bring back good memories, but don’t necessarily fill us with curiosity and wonder at the magic of the season.

How can we bring back that wonder?

One of the ways to bring back that wonder is to inject our holiday repertoire with new pieces that make us curious. Pieces that make us tilt our heads and grin with a new mental picture of what was happening on that first Christmas night.

We need fresh articulations of beloved Christmas melodies and that is what the All is Calm, All is Bright collection is all about. It’s about making us feel alive with excitement and anticipation!

The sheet music is coming on November 6th!

We’re bringing out 2 pieces from the All is Calm, All is Bright collection as sheet music on November 6th. You’ll be able to get this music within seconds of placing your order:

  • Angels We Have Heard on High – a super fun arrangement that sounds like there are ornery angels on the back row of the singing “hosts!” Yes, they are indeed singing, “Gloria, in excelsis deo” but they are doing it in their own fun, energetic way!
  • Sing We Now of Christmas – this peaceful and unique arrangement will bring a contented sigh to you as you play as well as to your listeners. Unique, intriguing, but pleasant harmonies, bring a new take to this old tune.

Free 2018 All is Calm Christmas Recordings!You’ll get more than just the gift tags

We’re also going to send you (in the same email that your gift tags come) several more recordings of the All is Calm pieces. These will be several of the professional recordings for the music we’ve released in previous years. All you have to do is click the green button below and request the gift tags and you’ll get both!

Don’t forget the gift 2 days ago!

A few days ago, we gave you another gift of the professional recordings of these 2 new 2018 All is Calm pieces. You can still get those if you go to this post. This is currently expired. You can get the recordings and gift tags if you purchase the 2018 All is Calm Bundle.

All is Calm Pieces Currently Available:

All is calm 2018 free holiday gift tags