Free 2018 All is Calm recordings
Free 2018 All is Calm recordings
Free 2018 All is Calm recordings

We’re sorry, but the offer for the free recordings has expired. However, you can still get the recordings AND gift tags by purchasing the 2018 All is Calm studio licensed bundle.

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Get the 2018 Recordings FREE for a limited time!

The All is Calm, All is Bright collection is a set of 13 piano pieces that are unique, refreshing, and much anticipated by many pianists and teachers. Today, I want to give you the new 2018 All is Calm All is Bright professional recordings to for your holiday music collection.

But this offer is only good through November 5th. On November 6th, they will only be available to those who purchase the studio license.

So click the green button above to get the recordings today!

Free 2018 All is Calm Christmas Recordings!

We want to be captivated like children at Christmas

We all want to play and listen to music that feels alive during the holiday season. We want music that captivates our hearts like Christmas captivates children and fills them with wonder.

But predictable music doesn’t captivate us.

The music that we’ve been playing for years might have a great nostalgic quality to it (I love listening to Andy Williams every year because my parents played it when I was a child) and it might be comforting in it’s sameness. But music that takes a familiar melody and tweaks it into a completely new flavor is much more likely to captivate our hearts and our minds in the present moment. We need fresh articulations of beloved Christmas and holiday melodies.

We want and need pieces that feel alive with excitement and anticipation!

So how does the All is Calm collection do that?

Free 2018 All is Calm Christmas Recordings!The All is Calm, All is Bright collection was inspired years ago by my mother who is a beautifully talented floral artist herself. She was the first outside influence that encouraged me that there was “something different” about these arrangements. She suggested that I record these fresh sounding arrangements that would capture people’s minds, hearts, and imaginations in a new and unique way. And several years later, I finally had this complete collection that I felt could do that.

All is Calm, All is Bright was first published by Augsburg Music, but we obtained the rights back from them a number of years ago. So we are releasing several of the pieces each year, and they can be downloaded for instant access.

Here’s what we are releasing for 2018:

  • Angels We Have Heard on High – a super fun arrangement that sounds like there are ornery angels on the back row of the singing “hosts!” Yes, they are indeed singing, “Gloria, in excelsis deo” but they are doing it in their own fun, energetic way!
  • Sing We Now of Christmas – this peaceful and unique arrangement will bring a contented sigh to you as you play as well as to your listeners. Unique, intriguing, but pleasant harmonies, bring a new take to this old tune.

Free 2018 All is Calm Christmas Recordings!Get the recordings free today

You can get the professional mp3 recordings by clicking the button below. Then come back on Thursday (we’ll send you an email to remind you if you are on the newsletter) and you can get more professional recordings + the elegant holiday gift tags we created with the cover artwork.

We’re giving away more on Thursday, November 1st

Then, come back on Thursday November 1st and you can get even more of the professional recordings from this collection for free!

Get the Sheet Music on Tuesday, November 6th!

Mark your calendars, because you’ll be able to get the sheet music for these pieces on Tuesday, November 6th! We’ll send out an email (so watch for it) so that you can get the best sale price that we’ll ever offer.

In the meantime, if these arrangements interest you, you can see the previous releases and purchase them here:

All is Calm Pieces Currently Available:

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