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Fanfare for the Courageous


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Fanfare for the Courageous is inspired by all those who try again and again, sometimes winning and sometimes not.


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This Fanfare for the Courageous piece is perfect for students who have just learned about steps and skips on the staff! It is very easy to play and the notation is particularly clean (without unneeded rests). Students or teacher use one damper pedal through the entire piece to give it a full sound that is pleasing to both children, teens, and adults! 

Leveling of Fanfare for the Courageous

Fanfare for the Courageous contains mostly repeated notes and steps and skips. Because so many notes repeat, the piece gives students an immediate feeling of confidence as they sight-read it easily.

The left hand of the entire first page uses only one note making it easily mastered.

 Fanfare for the Courageous can be used with early elementary to elementary piano students. 

Who will enjoy Fanfare for the Courageous

We were very careful with the sound and the graphics for this piece to ensure that both children, teens, and also adults will enjoy playing it.

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11 reviews for Fanfare for the Courageous

  1. Barbara

    My students and I LOVED “Fanfare for the Courageous!” I made a big deal about the Winter Olympics in my studio so each student learned an “Olympic” song. This piece was perfect for my primer students…it sounds BIG, but was much easier than students thought it was going be. All of them learned it in two lessons and were quite proud of themselves!!

  2. Nancy…Louisville, Ky

    “Fanfare for the Courageous” is a BIG hit with my students for whom on-staff reading is still fairly new, but who love making big sounds.
    Covering the keyboard while keeping the patterns simple is just what they need. And ComposeCreate has delivered once again !!
    This piece has been a perfect tie-in to the Olympics but equally useful for other occasions, too.

  3. Jennifer Foxx

    This year is a “Musicathlon” year in my studio, which is an Olympic inspired program. So I’m always on the lookout for Olympic inspired, uplifting and motivating pieces. Fanfare for the Courageous is perfect, not only for our theme but for any occasion or simply to learn for fun! It allows students to explore the different octaves of the piano, create big sounds and just enjoy a great composition! It will be enjoyed in our studio again and again!

  4. Kerry

    We started “Fanfare for the Courageous”
    just as the Winter Olympics got underway, and many students had seen the Opening Ceremonies. This piece helped them think about telling a story with music- we talked about the athletes marching in quietly -nervous about how they would do during their events. We talked about their triumphant return for the closing closing ceremony- some proudly wearing their medals, others happy to have been able to participate in their dream. This is a great piece to to teach musicians how to become story tellers!

  5. Elaine

    Sounds big but easy to learn. I know that a number of students will want to play this! Thank you

  6. Susan

    I have a 3rd grader playing this piece at a state festival. She absolutely loves it!! At first, she felt overwhelmed, but once she saw the repeated patterns, she realized she could really shine with this song. Thank you for making this available. I love the studio license option.

  7. Janet Dill

    Fanfare is great piece for beginner readers and allows them to sound more advanced than they really are. That is a real win with my students!!
    I only gave the 1st page for the 1st week and my student came back and had worked on the whole thing! We still needed a little more work in what register
    she needed to play in but she felt so good about her playing..and so did I!
    Highly recommended!!

  8. Barbara Shields

    Perfect piece to use as encouragement for new students as it sounds much more difficult than it is. The timing for my using the piece was perfect, aligned with the Olympics. We worked out schedules for my student to watch certain athletes whom I researched had had some difficulties. We talked about practice, practice, practice, the right attitude and how important it is to stay on course to meet goals (my student is an 8 year old boy who says sports is his thing, but he is a wonderful pianist too). This piece really hit home with him and me. Such a success, and a wonderful teaching tool with many things to notice: dynamics, octaves, repeats. Seriously (because it is a great,meaty piece for a beginner) simple (because it is playable and fun) — a definite push to the finish line for any student.

  9. Karen McClain

    What a great little piece for beginners! It’s a wonderful way to review beginning notes, discuss imagination, use the whole keyboard. Students will feel a sense of accomplishment after learning this piece.

  10. Katie

    Great piece. I have an ambitious new student who needed a “cool” piece for the Fall recital. She memorized the piece and has LOVED playing it. The only negative is her mom can’t wait for the recital to be over so everyone in their house can get a break from hearing this piece on continual repeat!

  11. Carrie

    This piece is awesome. My hesitant student is on-staff primer level and feeling very confident in playing this. At first the piece can seem overwhelming due to its length and many 8va’s, but once we started color-coding the patterns, my student realized he already knew everything that was needed to play it. It’s great to see a shy, self-effacing student blossom with confidence and enthusiasm. Thanks ComposeCreate!

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