The Olympic Dream

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The Olympic Dream is about the birth of a dream, the hard work in making that dream a reality, and the beauty and satisfaction that comes in achieving your dream.


The Olympic Dream captures the feeling of dreaming and then becoming the best in the world at something! The Olympic Dream is a late intermediate piano solo that makes you feel like you are indeed the best! It’s about the birth of a dream, the hard work at making that dream a reality, and the beauty and satisfaction that comes in achieving your dream.

Emotionally powerful, The Olympic Dream piano solo will inspire you, challenge you, and leave you and others with the feeling of accomplishment and pride!

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3 reviews for The Olympic Dream

  1. Mary Dekkers

    I had a very bright student who took for a year before leaving for college. He didn’t need an easy piece, but how to pick one for a student who had not many lessons? When I looked at this, I knew it was the one! He was good at reading intervals and it wasn’t too fast for him to change positions. It lay nicely under the hand positions also and there was enough repetition of melody and a nice but not too difficult repetition with the key change.

    What was so neat is that it sounded like the Olympic Procession, full of pomp, and with a mature and more difficult sound due to the fantastic chords as on the first 13 measures. Loved those triplets!!

  2. Nancy

    This is the perfect composition for the upcoming Olympic season. It’s such a powerful reflection of what athletes (and musicians, of course) feel who’ve worked to accomplish great things. As teachers, we love to offer music to our students that provides a technical challenge appropriate for their level. But even more, we love to
    nurture their developing musicianship with pieces that elicit a range of emotions. With The Olympic Dream, Wendy has delivered on both counts….a “gold medal” piece
    of music from !!

  3. Judy

    I enjoy this piece and can’t wait to teach it to some of my more advanced students. The Olympic Dream particularly resonates with me as our son trained, pursued and achieved his Olympic dream in Beijing 10 years ago. The dream for David culminated in 2 Olympic medals, bronze and gold. (He is a musician as well!) Wendy did a wonderful job of capturing the genesis of the dream as something far away, but with a steady beat (the triplets). The piece, as well as the dream, comes more sharply into focus as the real work and the progress begins. The conclusion seems to suggest that the dreamer achieves the goal of having the opportunity to take the dream all the way. Whether a medal is coming remains unknown. But the dream to be able to go all the way has been achieved. Very well done, Wendy!

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