Rustle of Inspiration

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Rustle of Inspiration is an exciting piano solo that begins with a melancholy, delicate theme, but becomes suddenly exhilarating when the inspiration rustles!

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Rustle of Inspiration is a late intermediate to advancing piano solo that paints a beautiful musical picture of what happens when inspiration emerges.

What is the story behind Rustle of Inspiration? 

Too often, we wait until inspiration strikes us before we create something beautiful. And yet, inspiration often only comes to those who are already in motion. The hard part is “showing up,” even when there is no spark. It’s doing the work and allowing inspiration to saunter in behind us, rustling just beneath our ability to hear it.

But sometimes it rustles and we hear it and jump into the joy of creating. It’s never a painless process, but in the end, when it slowly disappears on the horizon, we are left with the beauty of what we have created.

What level is The Rustle of Inspiration?

Rustle of Inspiration is late intermediate to advancing. The smallest rhythmic value is the eighth note, but the piece requires the ability to move around the piano easily and play octave chords. The hand span is never more than one octave.

What is the difference between the single and studio license?

If you purchase the studio license of Rustle of Inspiration, you can print and use the piece for yourself and as many students to whom you directly teach the piece.

The single license of Rustle of Inspiration can only be used by one person at any time and is not transferable, even when that person is done with the piece.

Free mp3 with studio license purchase

When you purchase the studio license, you will receive an mp3 of this piece to enjoy or use to help you learn the piece.

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3 reviews for Rustle of Inspiration

  1. Debbie Anderson

    Hi Wendy!
    The piece is beautiful. It is still a little too difficult for my intermediate student……but I have enjoyed playing it. My student will start working on it in the next few months. Thank you for all you do!!🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

  2. Karen Thomasson

    Rustle of Inspiration feels and sounds just like receiveing inspiration! I love Aaron Copland music and the openness of the melodies and harmonies and this piece reminds me of that. I actually bought it for myself, the teacher. I thought I would play it for my mid-intermediate student and see if she is interested. I love how Wendy composes pieces that sound difficult but are not so difficult to play and enjoy.

  3. kathleen

    Wendy, I love your compositions! What a talent you are. Rustle of Spring is magnificent, so lyrical and yet so gripping at its climactical point.
    Thank you for sharing with the world of pianists and music lovers.

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