Savanna Stalk


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Savannah Stalk is a dramatic piece in the Rote and Reading® series.

This comes with a studio license and is a fantastic value as this can be used for as many students as you directly teach.


Your students will love Savannah Stalk because it has all the elements of a well-loved elementary piece. This piece opens with a huge, dramatic statement that seems “all over” the keyboard. Yet, it stays in one hand position throughout, simply shifting registers. Savannah Stalk also features a beautiful, melancholy middle part that is simple to play.

Savannah Stalk can be taught by rote or reading! Teach the big parts by rote so that you can focus on technical development. Then teach the easy patterned parts by reading. Strengthen both the ear AND the eye with Savannah Stalk, the 2nd piece in the African Adventure Rote and Reading® Series. Check out the first piece, African Safari!

8 reviews for Savanna Stalk

  1. Patricia Neufeldt

    I just bought and downloaded “Savanna Stalk” yesterday and already had the opportunity to teach it to one of my young students…I don’t think I’ve ever seen a student that impressed with himself. Thank you for helping to make this lesson fabulous, and helping to make my student excited and proud!

  2. Helen Haynes

    Wendy’s pieces are great! She writes for beginners, songs that sound harder than they are, and the kids love them! I’m really loving these rote/read pieces.

  3. Emily Laney

    Your compositions have been so well-received in my studio this fall. I started two 6th graders as beginners and they loved The Bold Escape and Savannah Stalk (actually had people rather arguing over who could play it at recital!) and the lovely View from a Canoe.

  4. Valerie H

    I purchased this piece for a student who struggles dyslexia and slow processing disorder. We’ve worked on it for two weeks now and she has done great! It seemed to just “click” for her and she was inspired by the title and cover to paint a picture to remind her of the piece!

  5. Kristin’s Peppermints and Cherries

    I purchased this song for an older beginner. She was thrilled with her showy recital piece!

  6. Marcia

    This is a great rote to note piece. It has all the elements young performers love. Big sound, pedal and a title that encourages creating a story. A complete success for my student. It will be his recital piece!

  7. Patricia

    “Savanna Stalk” is a wonderful rote piece where the students can really show off. We just finished a composer unit on the great Franz Liszt and an 8 year old beginning student said he wanted to play like Liszt. “Savanna Stalk” is the perfect piece – big sounds and showy! He is so excited to play this for our recital. Everything Wendy composes is GOLD in my studio !!

  8. Beth Syverson

    I teach adult students with intellectual disabilities, and I am thrilled to find this Rote and Reading series. They’re much more mature-sounding than the preschool-level lesson books I’m using to teach them to read music. Savannah Stalk was the first one I tried, and it has been successful with several of my students. I love Wendy’s creative arrangements that are easy to teach by rote.

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