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Bundle: Parade of Champions, Fanfare for the Courageous

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This discounted bundle includes three triumphant pieces: Parade of Champions (both the duet and solo version) and Fanfare for the Courageous.



Studio Use License – This bundle comes with a studio license and is a fantastic value as this can be used for as many students as you directly teach!

Piece are only on sale when they first come out!
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This discounted bundle includes two triumphant pieces: Parade of Champions (both the duet and solo version) and Fanfare for the Courageous. These pieces are perfect for competitions, sports themes, or for any student who wants to play music that has both triumphant and beautiful sections.

There are actually three pieces in this bundle as the Parade of Champions pieces contains both the original duet as well as a solo version of the piece. So you get both duet parts, plus the solo, plus the Fanfare for the Courageous music in this bundle.

Here are details about each of these pieces: 

More about Parade of Champions

Parade of Champions was commissioned by the Wichita Metropolitan Music Teachers Association. It was originally written as a late elementary duet, but there is also a solo version of the piece in this package! So students can not only learn the duet to play with friends but also learn it as a solo to play for anyone.

The piece begins in a beautiful, far-off and dreamy setting. This immediately changes at the A section when the triumphant section takes over. The B section moves forward but in a more graceful and nuanced manner, then returning to the A section with a triumphant key change at the end. There are eighth notes in this piece and it is carefully marked for articulation for maximum beauty.

More about Fanfare for the Courageous

Fanfare for the Courageous was inspired while teaching a first year piano student who had just learned about steps and skips. I wanted a piece that was big sounding for her, easy to play, but still sharpened their skills in reading without a painful struggle.

The smallest note value in this piece is a quarter note and the score is very tidy…there are no unnecessary rests to mix students up. It looks simple and it is simple. But it sounds joyfully triumphant!

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1 review for Bundle: Parade of Champions, Fanfare for the Courageous

  1. Sam Marion

    I have a first grade girl who is loving the Fanfare for the Courageous. This is her first “big” sounding piece and her first piece with pedal. She is planning to use it as one of her pieces in her first local performance festival sponsored by the Durham Music Teachers Association this coming May.

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