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Bundle: Snack Time + The Cheese Disease


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This bundle of fun music about food is written from the perspective of a child, so students will love how it connects with their thoughts and feelings!


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This bundle of piano music about food includes the popular Snack Time and The Cheese Disease. These two pieces are written from the perspective of a child making learning and performing them especially fun and engaging for kids.  

The Level of This Bundle

These two pieces are approximately mid elementary (more mid than early).

Snack Time is the easiest of the two pieces. The shortest note value is the quarter notes and there are few articulations in this piece. There are lots of repeated notes and intervals, making it easy to master for even young students. Most of the melodic intervals are steps with only an occasional skip. The RH plays an easy 5th in several places. There are 0 sharps and flats in this piece.

The Cheese Disease’s smallest value is also the quarter note, but there are more articulations in this piece. There are also some notes that are sharp but these are easy to teach as they are for whole tone scales and chromatic scales.

Music From a Child’s Perspective

My goal is to create Music Kids Love®, so I love to write music from the perspective of a child. Too often children are inundated with only the perspective of an adult, so they love playing music that speaks their language!

For more music that speaks the language of a child, check out the “What Kids Think” bundle.

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2 reviews for Bundle: Snack Time + The Cheese Disease

  1. Cathie Knapp

    My students love these pieces! They sound dramatic and “cool” but are accessible for early elementary students.

  2. judi kidd

    loved this bundle, I like to get the bundles because when my students play one song from the bundle they are very excited to see that there are more!

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