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Tasty Tunes is a collection of early to mid elementary piano pieces about food!

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Tasty Tunes is a collection of early to mid elementary piano pieces about food! What kid doesn’t like to do crazy things with their food? The clever lyrics in Tasty Tunes make students, children, and teachers smile, giggle, and laugh! Basic elementary concepts of steps and skips, quarter, half and whole notes, and simple articulations are crafted into a silly but fun learning moment at the piano.

Tasty Tunes Level

The smallest note value in these pieces is the quarter note so this book is early an early elementary to elementary piece. A few pieces require students to move their hands or use the pedal, but most of the pieces fall well within a comfortable and familiar hand position that does not move.

Tasty Tunes Pieces:

  • Angel Food Cake
  • Crazy For Lemons
  • French Fries, Ice Cream
  • I Love My Ranch
  • Ice Cream On A Sunday Afternoon
  • Macaroni Pizza
  • A Nice Exotic Blend
  • A Pickle Sandwich
  • Rock ‘N’ Roll Rotini
  • Take Off The Peel

Tasty Tunes Format

This is a printed book published by Willis Piano Music (Hal Leonard) that is mailed to you. Shipping is a flat fee for U.S. addresses.

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5 reviews for Tasty Tunes – Printed Book

  1. Emily Laney

    I showed this book to a 5th grade student who I sometimes have trouble placing in interesting pieces. He launched in and sight read the first three pieces (my jaw has hit the floor at this point! I didn’t even ask him to sight read….)

    By the time he played “I Love My Ranch”….. he paused and exclaimed,

    ‘Who wrote this book? This lady is pure GENIUS!”

    I’ve never had a student so enthusiastic about any piano book.

  2. tara

    I had this book setting on my piano when one of my students came in the other day, and she was intrigued. She did probably her best sight reading ever! She was so excited she started in on another piece, and she played Macaroni Pizza for her mom as soon as she got home!

  3. Sundy DeGooyer

    This book is F-U-N! Who doesn’t love food? One of my students really loves French Fries and Ice Cream so she was excited to play that song!

  4. Grace

    I love this book for my younger students. They giggled when they read the titles and the lyrics and were excited to begin learning the songs. Macaroni Pizza and French Fries and Ice Cream were big hits. Some students loved singing the lyrics while playing and were still singing them on the way out of their lesson. Very nice break from the method books!

  5. Kerri

    Another amazing collection by Wendy! My students love this book! I agree with previous posts: French Fries, Ice Cream and Macaroni Pizza are favorites. 🙂

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