////Bundle: Snack Time + No Shoes

Bundle: Snack Time + No Shoes

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Snack time and No Shoes expresses the thoughts of so many kids. Students love to have music that expresses their thoughts instead of the thoughts of adults!


Studio Use License – This bundle comes with a studio license and is a fantastic value as this can be used for as many students as you directly teach!

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Let’s face it. We often pick music based on what we think kids like. But what if kids could pick their own music? No doubt these two pieces would be part of their selection! Snack Time and No Shoes express what so many kids think and feel. Piano students love it and are motivated when we give them music that is about their world, not just the world we think they live in.

Snack Time and No Shoes are just two of our expanding What Kids Think collection.

What do kids think about snacks and shoes?


What is the Leveling of Snack Time and No Shoes?

Snack time is early elementary to elementary. It contains a lot of repeated notes and steps with just a few skips, so it is very achievable for students in their early year of study.

No Shoes is late elementary. It is a driving piece that has a dreamy B section. The most difficult note value is the dotted quarter note. Kids love how it expresses that shoes are not necessary, especially in the summer time!

What’s so awesome about a studio license?

This bundle of Snack Time and No Shoes comes with a studio license which means that you only have to purchase this bundle one time and that licenses you to use these two pieces with ALL your students that you directly teach for your entire lifetime of teaching! That’s like getting an unlimited supply of 2 pieces of Music Kids Love®! You never have to buy it again!


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