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New Sports Music Flashcards and Games

I have a soccer lover in my house now. And I’ve found that if I can tie soccer to anything, it’s automatically fun for my kiddo! So it seemed only natural with the release of the new Dribble and Drive piece, that we also create soccer flashcards!

But, in creating and testing them, we (and I mean my kids and I because they are brimming with creativity) have come up with all kinds of fun games using them.

First, watch this short video:

You can see a short snippet of just some of the ways we’ve been using the new Soccer Music Flashcards:

How to play these fun games:

There are lots of ways you can use these soccer flashcards and the sky’s the limit with your creativity. So if you come up with some novel ideas, I’d love to hear about them, or post a picture and tag me on Instagram or Facebook!

Dribble and Drive - Soccer Music Flashcards from ComposeCreate.comRace to the top (or bottom)

You will need:

  • Letter name flashcards
  • Game markers (erasers, mini soccer balls, etc.) I love the soccer balls that are available here. They can roll around a bit, but they are stable enough (and certainly cute enough) to make it worthwhile to have.
  1. Place your erasers/markers at the top (or bottom of the keyboard).
  2. Place the letter name flashcards on the music rack.
  3. Take turns drawing a flashcard and move to the next closest note that it indicates.
  4. The player to the bottom first wins.

Penalty kick game – NEW

My kiddos came up with this one and it’s really fun!

You will need:

  • Mini soccer balls
  • A music staff that you can write on and erase (optional – if you are only drilling white keys, you do not need this)
  • 4 pieces of card stock paper
  1. Fold the card stock paper in half lengthwise and then place it between your keys and the outer edge of your piano. This will keep the ball from rolling off the piano.
  2. Ask the student to stand on one end of the piano and flick the soccer ball across the keys. If they flick it too hard, it often bounces back. But if they flick it and it goes off the piano, the next student (or you) gets to go instead.
  3. When the ball lands on a note, the student either names the note (if you are drilling white keys) or draws the note on the staff.

Sports Music Flashcards - Sports music flashcards

Matching game

Sports music flashcards from

You will need:

  • Letter name flashcards
  • Music staff flashcards
  1. Choose the pairs of notes that you wish the student to review.
  2. Time them to see how long it takes them to match.
  3. Challenge them to beat their time.


This has always been my students’ favorite group game.

You will need:

  • The sports flashcards
  • A call bell
  • Optional: If you are working on white keys, you will need 2 of these pictured keyboards and 2 markers (like pennies, or erasers).
  • More than 1 student
  1. Ask the students to stand in 2 lines behind a table. Place the call bell between the students at the front of the table. Students should stand with their hands behind their back.
  2. Show a card. If you are working with the notes on the staff, the student who rings the bell and names the note correctly first gets to keep the card (or get one point). If you are working with letter names, the student who places their marker on the correct key on their pictured keyboard gets to keep the card.
  3. The team with the most cards wins.

There are lots more games you can play with these new sports music flashcards. Leave a comment if you can think of any others!

Stand up flashcards

Sports music flashcards from

You will need:

  • The sports flashcards
  • A stopwatch/timer
  1. Choose which notes you want your student to drill.
  2. Ask them to put the flashcard in the right crack of the correct note. Note: Don’t fret too much if they put it to the left. You’ll be able to tell if they know the correct location and often, they go back and adjust where the flashcard is when they are all finished.
  3. Time them and challenge them to see if they can beat their time.

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