How would you like to have a lifetime supply of a very popular piece of music given to you FREE? Well, I’m going to be giving away studio licensed copies of “Happy, Happy Birthday” to everyone who does something pretty easy and has someone else do something back. A studio licensed piece allows you to print as many copies of the piece as you ever need for your own students. Here’s how to get it:

Refer a Friend, Get Free Music!

By now, you’ve heard about “The Best Stress-free Business Practices for Your Piano Studio” webinar that’s coming in just a few weeks! Many of you have already signed up, but some of you have not because you may not need it! But even if you don’t need it, chances are you know someone who does! Someone who could really benefit from learning how to make a consistent income, control their make-up lesson craziness, raise their rates smoothly and consistently, deal with over-scheduled students and more!

Anyone (even those not signed up) can take advantage of this offer for a FREE studio licensed copy of this popular piece!

How do I get my free copy of “Happy, Happy Birthday?”

  1. Happy Happy BirthdayTell your teaching friends about the webinar! You can send them an email telling why they’ll like it, linking to the Webinar Post. You can tell your friends or colleagues about it on Facebook. You can tell your teaching association about it at a meeting. The sky’s the limit! But whatever you do, be sure to tell them to write your name and email in as their referrer if they register because…
  2. If any of your teaching friends register for the webinar and put in your name and email as their referral source, I will email you a studio licensed copy of “Happy, Happy Birthday!”
  3. Now, I’ll need your email of course, to be sure you are signed up on the newsletter to make sure I can find your email easily!

That’s it! Just tell a friend and if any of them register for the webinar and put your name and email in, and I’ll send you a copy!

Did you know?

In case you are on the fence about whether this webinar will be worth it, consider this:

  • This webinar costs less than what most parents pay for 1 month of piano lessons.
  • This webinar costs only 7% of the price of a conference (no hotel, plane, travel, meals, large conference fees, etc.).
  • Is a fabulous investment because it will teach you how to make more money, work less, and be less stressed. When was the last time you invested money to learn how to make more money?
  • Is cheaper than 1 night in an average hotel…but the hotel won’t make you more money or give you more time.
  • Is fun, fast paced, motivating, and empowering. But that’s weird for me to say to you, so here’s what others are saying:
Because of this workshop, I now work less, make more money, and am much less stressed!
Kristi Negri, Teacher in Oregon
You will absolutely make up your investment dollar for dollar, and then some!
Sherry Poole Todd, Independent Teacher
Amazing energy and totally motivating!
Barbara Berg, Independent Teacher
Awesome! I would recommend this workshop for any teacher!
Patti Widner, Independent Teacher

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