The other day, a piano teaching friend posted her recital invitation to her Facebook page. I’m not often impressed by recital invitations, but this one made me lift my eyebrows and say, “Wow, nice job! That looks professional!” I messaged her and she told me about a wonderful new “recital invitation” tool that Joytunes is making available to teachers!

Look Sharp With Free Recital Templates!

Yes, you read that right. These are free and so easy to create! You might know that Joytunes is the creator of Piano Maestro, which is a wonderful app that’s useful in sight-reading and just improving kids’ reading and excitement for piano! I’ve used it with several of my students and I LOVE what I see. I see excitement. I see a desire to go practice. I see an improvement in their reading skills. I see happier piano students!

But enough of that. Here’s the link to the free recital template maker. There are more styles than the one I have posted, but this one caught my eye the most. After you make your invitation, Joytunes sends you an email with a link to the invitation. You can then forward that email to your piano families who will see the invitation when they click the link. You can also share it on Facebook or Pin it to Pinterest.

Happy creating! And thanks Joytunes, for making this possible!