Super Fun Rhythm Cup Explorations Videos, Menagerie Videos, and Manipulations Videos

Teachers are constantly sending me Rhythm Cup Explorations Videos, Rhythm Menagerie videos, and Rhythm Manipulations videos starring their students. [Thank you so much for that!] So, I thought it might excite and inspire many of you to be able to watch them all in one place! Don’t worry. They’re all super short!

Rhythm Cup Explorations 1 Videos

Here’s the feature video that tells about Rhythm Cup Explorations 1:

Here are students having a blast performing pages from Rhythm Cup Explorations 1

Lots of popular teachers using cups these days:

Here’s a great mini-performance:

Lots of clips of students having a fun time!

Jennifer Foxx used it with patriotic music, another great idea for a summer program!

This is a great idea for a Summer Camp!

Boys love Rhythm Cup Explorations!

These boys are a-MAZ-ing! ⇓

Rhythm Cup Explorations videos - Students are loving this and many of the other rhythm books on!

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Rhythm Cup Explorations 2 Videos

Here is the feature video that introduces all the new features of Rhythm Cup Explorations 2:

Here are some great videos of Rhythm Cup Explorations in action:

These students really got into it!

Morgan had a GREAT idea!

Short and sweet, but really good!

Andrew is creative with it!

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Rhythm Menagerie Videos

Here is the feature video that explains what Rhythm Menagerie does and shows students using it:

Here are students having a blast with Rhythm Menagerie:

More fun than a barrel of monkeys!

Rhythm Menagerie in rural Mexico:

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Rhythm Manipulations Videos:

Here is the feature video that introduces the Rhythm Manipulations, the 2nd book in the Rhythm Explorations series. Rhythm Manipulation picks up right where Rhythm Menagerie leaves off.

Here are some great videos of Rhythm Manipulations. We had a long standing Rhythm Manipulations challenge for student around the world!

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