New Irish Piano Piece: Escape from Donegal Castle

I’m so excited about this new Irish piano piece! I purposely composed it to be super easy to play. It falls in the hands (five finger positions) so easily that it’s super easy to play quickly.

BONUS: If you purchase the Studio License, you get BOTH the original 6/8 version as well as a 3/4 version that won’t scare your elementary students away. Getting both presents a great opportunity to show your elementary students that they can play in compound meter AND to give your older beginners a “harder” looking piece, but one that is still super easy to play!

Escape from Donegal Castle - Adventurous sounding Irish piano piece. Great for piano recital repertoire! |

Escape from Donegal Castle

Imagine the adventure of escaping from a mysterious castle full of hidden passages in Ireland! Your students will love the energy and mystery in this adventurous sounding Irish piano piece. But the great thing for you as the teacher is the opportunity to present “Escape in Donegal Castle in both a 6/8 meter OR a 3/4 meter.

BONUS: If you order the studio license, you get an additional mid-elementary version for one price! This version is notated in simple triple meter for those students whose fingers can play this Irish piano piece, but whose minds are scared by the 6/8 meter.

$9.99 Studio Use License BONUS (Reproducible to use with your students)
$4.99 Single Use License (Use for only one person) Only the 6/8 version is available as a single license.

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Details of Irish Piano Piece “Escape from Donegal Castle:”

  • Level: Late Elementary/Early Intermediate PLUS you get a BONUS if you purchase the studio license- you get the Mid-Elementary version too!)
  • Pages: Studio license has 10 pages, Late Elementary/Early Intermediate Version – 3 pages, PLUS the Mid Elementary Version – 5 pages, cover included! Single license has 5 pages, 3 pages – Late Elementary/Early Intermediate Version, cover included
  • Style: Irish, Energetic
  • Format: PDF instant download

How do I get the easier, Mid-Elementary Version?

Simply purchase the studio license and you’ll get both the setting in 6/8 (Late Elementary/Early Intermediate) and the setting in 3/4 (mid-elementary).

No reviews for this Irish piano piece yet, but…

you can send your review by email! This is a new piece, so that’s why there aren’t any reviews yet.

Which license of this Irish piano piece should I purchase?

Studio License – When you purchase a studio license, you are permitted to print the item for use with students you directly teach for as long as you are teaching! This cannot be shared with or transferred other teachers, even within the same studio. See terms and conditions for full information.

Single License – When you purchase a single license, you are permitted to use the item for only one person at any time. You may not transfer the license to another student or person at any time. So if you wish to use this piece for two students, even if they will be working on it in different months or years, you will need to purchase the studio license. See terms and conditions for full information.

Do you offer license upgrades? 

We don’t offer upgrades from single to studio licenses, but if you are a teacher, we are confident that you and your students will love what you are purchasing so much that it’s 99.9% guaranteed that you’ll want to use it again and again. Most teachers purchase the studio license because of this.

How can I get the best price? 

I’m happy to tell you our “sale secret.” When a new piece comes out, we put it in our newsletter and run at least a 3 day sale. This is almost always the best price you’ll ever get on the piece, and we like to give it to best fans. So just sign up for the newsletter and then be sure to open it quickly each time and you’ll see the best sales on new pieces.

If you are interested in pieces that are not new, then the best price is definitely the studio license. Imagine how much money you spend over the course of your years of teaching on a popular piece! At $3.99 a piece, if you purchase it for 10 students, then you’ll be spending $39.90. But if you buy the studio license, you’ll have it for only $8.99 or $9.99 You’ll save hundreds of dollars in the next few years of teaching by purchasing the studio license so that you never have to purchase the piece again!

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