I’m gearing up for my Christmas party and have received numerous requests for a post on Christmas activities, so I wanted to give you a list. Be sure to subscribe to email updates so you can get all the extra ideas and alerts about new posts related to your holiday party and piano teaching.

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    Name that Tune – This is always a fun activity around Christmas time.  Divide your students into 2 teams and play a small bit of a Christmas tune.  Place a call bell between the 2 teams and the first person to ring the call bell and guess the tune gets a point for their team.

  • Advanced Name that Tune – Use these Christmas Carol Flashcards to show more advanced students.  The person who can ring the call bell and name the tune gets a point for their team.
  • Encore – Another great game to use for large groups of students (especially older ones).  Divide into 2 teams then announce your special word (santa, jingle, tree, jolly, etc.).  Each team must sing at least 6 words of a tune with that word in it.  The teams go back and forth (they get 30 seconds to think) until one team can not think of another song with that word in it (they don’t have to be Christmas songs, though I would only use Christmas words).  The last team to have sung a correct song gets the point.
  • Stinky Stockings ImageStinky Stockings – New in 2013, this game is loads of fun! Use a stinky or not so stinky stocking and place the interesting Stinky Stockings cards in the sock. Turn on some music and have students toss it around the circle. Whoever is holding the stocking when the music stops, has to do what the card says (sometimes it’s acting, sometimes playing, sometimes thinking, sometimes answering a riddle…all Christmas questions related to music!) You can order the cards below. They’ll come to your email within minutes!
  • Christmas Worksheets and Printables from Susan Paradis
  • Christmas Note Bingo from Susan Paradis
  • Silly Sentences – not a Christmas game, but Christmas graphics are on this fun game reviewing terms like ritardando, crescendo, accel, legato, etc.
  • Christmas Resource Roundout – Jennifer Fink has a post about all the resources and Christmas games on her website.
  • Crafts to Make – Here are some fantastic crafts to be made out of sheet music from Valerie at Dollarhide Music Center

Did you see the post from earlier this week about the Educational Eggspert quizzing system!  I’ve looked for something like this to use in my group lessons for years and finally found it at a great price!  We’ll be doing some jeopardy type quiz shows at our Christmas party as well as throughout the year now that I have this great tool!  See the other things on my Christmas Teaching Wish List and tell me what’s on yours!

Stinky Stockings:

Here’s the wildly popular Stinky Stockings game: