Since we’re on the theme of Christmas activities this week, I thought I’d share about a way to help your students with  sight-singing and melodic dictation.

Last week, I used these cards as a waiting room activity for my older students, asking them to write down the names of the 6 tunes from these Christmas Pieces Flashcards that I gave to them.  At our Christmas group lesson last year, I also used these for a “Challenge!” game.

This is how we played:

Two teams lined up behind a table.  The first person in both lines put their hands behind their back and stood in front of a table with a call bell in the middle.  I showed them a Christmas Tune Flashcard and the first person to ring the bell with the correct answer earned a point for their team.

Some of the tunes were difficult for the students, so I told them their team members could help them by clapping the rhythm or quietly helping them sing the tune.  The kids had fun and the game became more of a team effort than an individual one, which is often more exciting for the group lesson.