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NEW Irish Piano Piece! Escape from Donegal Castle

New Irish Piano Piece: Escape from Donegal Castle I'm so excited about this new Irish piano piece! I purposely composed it to be super easy to play. It falls in the hands (five finger positions) so easily that it's super easy to play quickly. BONUS: If you purchase the Studio [...]

Super Fun Rhythm Cup Explorations Videos, Rhythm Menagerie Videos, and More!

Super Fun Rhythm Cup Explorations Videos, Menagerie Videos, and Manipulations Videos Teachers are constantly sending me Rhythm Cup Explorations Videos, Rhythm Menagerie videos, and Rhythm Manipulations videos starring their students. [Thank you so much for that!] So, I thought it might excite and inspire many of you to be able [...]

How Do I Teach Pop Music if I Can’t Play it Well?

How Do I Teach Pop Music if  I Can't Play it Well? Great question. And the fact that you are asking this means that you are probably a great teacher. The reason I know this is because great teachers see a need, ask if it's a legitimate need, analyze what you are [...]

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The Best Music Christmas Party Ever – Already planned for you!

Here is your full lesson plan, 2 free games, and the secret to a stress-free and super fun holiday or Music Christmas Party for your piano students or music classroom.

New Holiday Cups Piece! Bring Down the House and Involve Your Audience

Since last year's cup piece was such a hit, here's a new fabulously fun piano arrangement of We Wish You a Merry Christmas that includes an easy cup tapping routine for your audience! Perfect as the ending of a holiday or Christmas piano recital.

Fall Cup News – Fun Fall Festive Things to do with Cups

Thanks to the generous and creative teachers that share on the ComposeCreate site, here's a list of ways to adapt cup tapping for your fall private and group music and piano lessons!

It’s Here! Rhythm Cup Explorations 2!

Rhythm Cup Explorations 2 is finally here! Your students are going to have a blast with new rhythm schemes, note values and even new cup tapping techniques! Watch the video for more info.

Rhythm Cup Explorations 2 Countdown – Post 3

Here's an interesting and super fun way to market your studio! Details are in the video!

Rhythm Cup Explorations 2 Countdown – Post 2

How did I create Rhythm Cup Explorations 2? What programs did I use? Learn this and more in this video.

Rhythm Cup Explorations 2 Countdown – Post 1

We're counting down to the release and big sale of Rhythm Cup Explorations 2! Find out how we created this, what programs we used, how to use it to market your studio and more by watching these energetic videos!