The Bargain Book Stand I Use for Rhythm Cup Explorations™

The Bargain Bookstand I use for Rhythm Cup Explorations

A lot of teachers have asked me how I like to display pages from Rhythm Cup Explorations™ when I am not displaying them digitally. Because the great thing about Rhythm Cup Explorations™ is that you can do it both ways – on a screen or in print!

Now, while one bookstand doesn’t seem that expensive, if you are purchasing 4-5 of them for a group lesson or classroom it can get very pricey! So I wanted to share what the bargain bookstand I use to display Rhythm Cup Explorations.

The bargain bookstand comes from a place called Book Stands 4 You. They sell bookstands to schools, churches, businesses, and independent artists who need a way to display their artwork.

I use these 4 inch wide and 7 inch book display stands that are “virtually indestructible!” I have also used these to display ComposeCreate music and books at conferences, so they are very versatile. As of January 2020, the price is $3.75 per stand which you cannot beat! The last bookstand I purchased was $12 and that was more than 15 years ago.

Of course, if you are just using one page, you could easily just tape the page to a cardboard box as is shown here, but that doesn’t look as professional. In addition, if you are just using 1 page and your page is curled in any way, you might also want to pick up some Ticky Tack to help hold it in place in case it’s too light to stay on the bargain bookstand.

Here is a picture of how I used it in my garage when we were doing My First Rhythm Cup Explorations. We were in my garage because it was wet and rainy outside!

My First Rhythm Cup Explorations - Bargain book stand for display

How do YOU like to display Rhythm Cup Explorations? Please share your ideas below!