Piano Student Marketing

In the Stress-free Business Practices for your Studio workshops, I talk about how important it is to continue marketing to our current families. This has become especially evident to me as I am now that I am a mother of three. I along with most mothers and fathers, am always re-evaluating the value of a recurring service for which I am paying.

Piano student marketing

This is especially true when I am paying for a service in which it is difficult to see substantial progress on a daily basis…like piano! Parents just cannot see the progress of their children on a day to day basis. Many times they do not even know what the long term benefits are of giving their child a continuing music education. As professionals, it is up to us to help families understand how beneficial music education is to their children.

Because of this, I wanted to share a wonderful graphic that helps depict the impact that music has on each of us, whether young or old. Send out an email to your current families and ask them to take a look at all the ways that music affects us physically, socially, behaviorally educationally, and beyond!

The Psychology of Music and Piano Student Marketing by composecreate.com

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What’s been your experience with piano student marketing? Do you have any thoughts to share on the topic of piano student marketing?