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Help Kids Practice Piano with these 5 Tips from Disney Songs

Help Kids Practice Piano with these 5 Tips from Disney Songs Struggling to help kids practice piano? If you are the least bit musical, you know it's hard to listen to your own child practice. In my early days of listening to one of my children practice, one of two things [...]

30 and 40 Piece Challenge – New Charts, Cards, and Checklists!

30 and 40 Piece Challenge Charts, Cards, and Checklists! Last year, many of you started the 30 Piece Challenge in your studios! This idea, inspired by the brilliant pedagogue Elissa Milne, was very successful in my studio in helping my students learn much more music, become better readers and helping [...]

A Free List of Creative Summer Projects for Piano Students

A List of Creative Projects for Piano Students Every summer, I try to do something different with my students. Some years it's a music camp requiring elaborate and careful planning and others years it's just doing things "outside of the box." I've been collecting different ideas for little out of the [...]

5 Sizzlin’ Summer Piano Ideas – Without a Lot of Work

5 Sizzlin' Summer Piano Ideas - Without A Lot of Work! Not feeling up to a piano or music camp this summer, but still know that you need to "change it up" a bit? That's the way I feel this year. So I thought you might enjoy hearing my own [...]

Will You Please Vote on Our 2013 Christmas Cover Art?

Almost every year, I organize a Christmas Cover Art Contest for my students. The winner's picture is put on the front of our holiday recital program and sometimes the 2nd place winner gets their picture on the inside of the program. Help Me Decide on the Christmas Cover Art Winner! [...]

Take the 30 Piece Challenge

Take the 30 Piece Challenge! Inspired by the brilliant pedagogue Elissa Milne, I am challenging each of my students to learn 30 new pieces this school year. There are so many great reasons for this challenge, and Elissa certainly has articulated these quite well in her article which you [...]

We Challenge YOU and Your Students!

Have you noticed how competitive teens and pre-teens are? Have you noticed that when other games and activities don't interest them, beating someone at something always seems to light a fire under them? Well, I'd like to help you motivate your students this year by challenging you and them to [...]

Why Market When I Don’t Need New Students?

Piano Student Marketing In the Stress-free Business Practices for your Studio workshops, I talk about how important it is to continue marketing to our current families. This has become especially evident to me as I am now that I am a mother of three. I along with most mothers and [...]

An Amazing Drawing of My Students by My Student

While we were having a group lesson recently, a sibling of two of the students in the class was sitting patiently waiting for her lesson. She asked for a piece of paper, and unbeknownst to me, proceeded to draw this amazing likeness of me teaching my students about the mechanics [...]

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