Have you noticed how competitive teens and pre-teens are? Have you noticed that when other games and activities don’t interest them, beating someone at something always seems to light a fire under them? Well, I’d like to help you motivate your students this year by challenging you and them to a competition to see who is the most accurate and the fastest with their rhythm!

Watch this super short video to learn how to participate:

What are the detail again?

  1. Record a video of your student(s) performing any of the Rhythm Manipulations pages. The Maneuvers pages are the most fun, but we’re up to a challenge on any of them. You can start with page 42 to see if you can beat us in our video.
  2. Upload your video to YouTube, tagging it with Rhythm Manipulations. If you don’t know how to do this, don’t worry because your students know and can do it for you!
  3. Be sure to make note of your metronome speed (would be best if you recorded it with the speed) when you send the link.
  4. Send me a link to your video! I’ll watch it and then share it on the blog so that anyone (besides us, under the off chance that we can’t beat you 😉 ) can try to beat your time.

Who can participate?

  1. Any student whose teacher owns Rhythm Manipulations.
  2. Any student who is about the level of their challenge. For example, it wouldn’t be quite fair to have 2 super advanced students doing a super easy unit from Rhythm Manipulations. However, an advanced student can certainly help a less advanced student with one of the Maneuvers pages that is close to the less advanced students’ level. Use your best judgement. I’m not going to police this part of the competition. The idea is that students have fun and improve their rhythm!

Here’s my YouTube channel so that you can see any videos my students upload. I’ll embed any YouTube videos you send to me so that everyone can see what the challenges are.

Ready, set, go!

Cover image from wwarby