Drumroll please…I can’t tell you how excited I am to make this announcement! Do you know about the “cups craze?” Well, it’s taking kids and teens by storm and now you can bring that excitement into actually teaching rhythm with:

Rhythm Cup Explorations™

Rhythm Cup Explorations Coil Bind Square

Rhythm Cup Explorations™ is an exciting supplement to the fun rhythm curriculum, Rhythm Menagerie and Rhythm Manipulations. Take advantage of “the cup craze” and re-enforce the rhythms you are teaching in the Rhythm Explorations series with Rhythm Cup Explorations™. What?! Do you not know about the cups craze? Students these days are crazed about the making rhythms with cups thanks to several YouTube videos including this one and this one.

But whether you know about it or not, take a look at this video for a quick tour of Rhythm Cup Explorations™! And keep in mind it’s on sale until Friday!

Included in this reproducible book are 4 units:

  • Quarters, Half notes, Quarter rests
    (or crotchets and minims – international version)
  • Eighth notes and rests
    (quavers and quaver rests – international version)
  • Triplets
  • Sixteenths
    (semi-quavers – international version)

Here are some samples. But watch out. It’s addicting and when you do it in a group with the “passing” feature, it’s a riot!

Rhythm Cup Explorations™ – Quarters:

rhythm cup explorations quarters

Rhythm Cup Explorations™ – Eighths:

rhythm cup explorations eighths

Rhythm Cup Explorations™ – Triplets:

rhythm cup explorations triplets

Rhythm Cup Explorations™ – Sixteenths:

Rhythm cup explorations sixteenths

Remember, Rhythm Cup Explorations™ is reproducible, so you only have to buy it once AND it comes in an international version as well! You’ll get a link to download the file in your email. Then, it will live on your computer and you can print for your students as needed!

RM Set Coil Bind CroppedYou might also want to explore the core rhythm curriculum that’s all the rage. No other curriculum isolates rhythm in such a unique way and makes it fun and engaging to practice:

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