The Cheese Disease


The Cheese Disease is perfect for students who love cheese or love to sing about food in a catchy way!


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Studio Use License – This single piece comes with a studio license and is a fantastic value as this can be used for as many students as you directly teach!


The Cheese Disease is part of a growing group of crazy and fun music about food! This piece was inspired by Henry who absolutely loved cheese so much that his mom could hardly get him to eat anything else! Watch his video below! 


The Level of The Cheese Disease

The Cheese Disease is early to mid elementary. The shortest note value is the quarter note. There are staccato and legato sections in this piece. The damper pedal can be held down during the whole tone scale, but it is not held during the entire piece.

This is a Rote and Reading® piece because much of the piece is pattern based. You can either teach it by reading, rote, or both, using the score for reminders about the section changes.

Features of The Cheese Disease

The Cheese Disease features an opportunity to teach students both legato and staccato touch and has an energetic and driving chorus that they will love to play! A brief whole tone scale and short chromatic pattern also make it fun to explore different scales on the piano.

Fingering is included, but this piece is very flexible in fingering, especially on the last page. If your student is young, they may find it easier to just use their RH 2 on the 4 chromatic notes.

Music From a Child’s Perspective

So much of the time, kids hear things from adults’ perspectives, so you will find that they love things that are written with their perspective in mind. Of course, not all kids like cheese, but for those who do, this music is definitely “speaking their language.”

For more music that speaks the language of a child, check out the “What Kids Think” bundle.

Other Pieces Featuring Fun With Food

Kids love food and love to sing about the crazy things they love or don’t like about food. The Cheese Disease is just one of several pieces we have available that showcase what kids think about food. Here are a few more:

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