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Barn Dance is a high spirited, foot stomping early intermediate piece.

Printed Sheet – No reproductions allowed. Shipped to U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, or New Zealand.

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Barn Dance is a high spirited, foot stomping early intermediate piece. Barn Dance is great for teens or anyone who wants to play a crowd pleasing piece! If the student knows the piece well, you can even start the audience clapping to the beat of the piece, especially at the end.

Barn Dance falls easily in the fingers and is great for students, even those with small fingers! Please moderately or quickly, this piece piece sure to be a favorite!

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3 reviews for Barn Dance – Printed Sheet

  1. Sarah

    I purchased this sheet music as a gift for my 12-year-old daughter, who likes fast, fun, and a bit of a challenge. Barn Dance is just the right combination of all of the above, giving my kiddo incentive to practice and polish. Extra bonus: it’s one of those pieces that is enjoyable to hear even in the early stages of practicing. And once your pianist nails it–wow! You’ve got a toe-tapping crowd-pleaser that might just have ’em dancing in the aisles. We LOVE this piece.

  2. Christy Porter

    I gave this solo to a teenage student last week…and she came for her lesson today with it almost completely learned and she was so happy! I could tell that she had put in a lot of practice time on this song! She loved the melody, loved the rhythmic challenges and best of all, she loves the speed! A bonus- she’s usually a timid player, but this song brought out a more lively, bold player too! Thank you!

  3. Tammy

    Five stars on all. Great creativity, pedagogy, visuals, tunes — the works.

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