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Penguin Music Game for teaching note names and white keys on the piano |

I love it when teacher’s share their own creative ideas! Gerri Longo told me about a fun way she’s combined the Penguin Music Note Match game with Pengaloo* in her lessons and it was too good not to share with you. [Keep in mind that I have not tried the Pengaloo game…this is an idea from another teacher who thought of another way to use the already useful Penguin Music Note Match game.]

It reminds me of good speech therapy

When Gerri shared this idea, it reminded me of a speech therapist at my kids’ school. I love watching this teacher because she adapts fun, existing games to make practicing speech patterns more fun. The kids actually look forward to speech therapy because she understands how motivated kids are when they are having fun while learning!

Gerri’s creative idea is perfect as both a winter and summer penguin music game!

Gerri’s Penguin Music Game idea:

Penguin Music Note Match - Fun music matching game from ComposeCreate.comSupplies needed:

  • Pengaloo* (This is an affiliate link which means if you purchase it, I get a small percentage, but you don’t pay any more than you would normally pay.)
  • Penguin Music Note Match

How to play a Penguin Music Game:

  1. Begin by showing the student a penguin note card (the pink and white penguins) and ask them to name or find the note on the piano. Note: You can also use the letter name note card (the black and white penguins) and have them find the white key on the piano.
  2. After they answer this correctly, they go they roll the color coded dice that comes with Pengoloo* game and lift the penguin who is hiding a colored egg. If it matches the dice color, they collect the penguin and put it on the ice board. (You can also swipe your opponent’s penguin – see directions for the game)

How do students like it? What are the benefits?

The kids so much fun with this and Gerri says, “You would think the game and your cards were meant to be a complete set. They are for me! My students can’t wait to play it and they are definitely learning to read notes quickly because of it. I totally love your Penguin Note Cards.”

What else can you do with Penguin Music Note Match?

Penguin Music Game accessoriesOf course you don’t have to use the Pengaloo* game to have fun learning note names. Use the Penguin Music Note Match by simply matching or playing the notes on the piano as you show them the card is also tons of fun! I have also used these penguin erasers to have students match the correct key on the piano with the card shown. Anything where kids are using manipulatives to learn is going to stick with them far better than just drilling note names!

How have you used Penguin Music Note Match or Fishy Flashcards or Cup Cake Note Match or any of the other ComposeCreate games? Please share with others your ideas in the comments below!

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