Halloween Piano Cards - Give to students or advertise studio! Only available at ComposeCreate.com

Free Halloween Piano Cards

Halloween Piano Cards - Based on the popular I’m so excited to give you a free new resource – Halloween Piano Cards! We like to give free teaching or fun resources to the ComposeCreate community, and we thought it was about time to give you something for fall and Halloween!

Now, this put us a tad bit behind on releasing holiday music, but that’s going to happen this week and next, so stay tuned!

These cards were created based on the Something in My Piano piece that’s so popular with early and mid-elementary students. You can even see the music on the top of the piano! Then, when you open the card, there’s a little surprise (you insert the candy) and then when the student removes the candy, there’s a scary surprise underneath (the spider). Kids will love this!


How can I use the Halloween Piano Cards?

You can use these Halloween Piano Cards in a number of ways. Here are a few of the ways we thought of:

  • You can give these away with a treat inside to your students.
  • You can give these away to the trick or treaters that come to your door.
  • You can give them as a surprise to your kids or your grandchildren or your favorite neighbors.
  • You can advertise your studio with them!

Wait! Did you say I could advertise with the Halloween Piano Cards?

Yes! We originally created them to have nothing extra on the back, but then we decided that we’d put a text box there so that you could add information about your studio if you wanted to. Since it’s usually neighborhood kids that come trick-or-treating, then using these to advertise the piano studio that’s conveniently located in their neighborhood is a great idea. You never know who might be looking for piano lessons and not know that your studio is close by!

To add text, simply open this file in Adobe Reader. Then, you’ll see an arrow on the page to show you where to click to enter text. You can enter text like:

Take piano lessons in your neighborhood
at Sally’s Piano Studio!
123 N. Main

How do I cut out the Halloween Piano Cards?

Here are some tips on cutting out the cards:

  1. Print these on paper that is at least 24#. I do not recommend card stock as it “breaks” when you fold it. Print it at 100%.
  2. Fold the paper right down the middle, but with the inside of the piano facing out (see animated photo below).
  3. Cut along the grey line.
  4. Then open the piano and cut off the white part of the piano lid…see image below.
  5. Then fold the piano and insert a piece of candy with tape.

Halloween Piano Cards - These adorable cards are perfect for advertising your studio or just giving to your piano students! | ComposeCreate.com

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