Sometimes I get distracted from what I should be doing. But this week, when I got distracted, it resulted in something FREE for you!

Free Valentine Music Note Cards

I received this email the other day from Leigh Stringfield, a private piano teacher:

“I was wondering if you have any Valentine themed ideas that would work in a group lesson. All your other ideas have made my other group lessons a big hit! I can’t let them down now!”
Leigh Stringfield, Private Piano Teacher

Valentine Music Notes

At the time, I didn’t so I referred her to Susan Paradis‘ site. But as I said, I get distracted and excited about new things easily, so after a few days of mulling it over in my mind, I came up with something that could work for:

  • Group lessons flashcards
  • Private lessons flashcards
  • Room decor (they’ll walk around trying to figure them all out for fun!)
  • Valentines to give away to your students

I’m giving these away FREE this year, so download them here and tell your teaching friends.

Click Here to Get Your Valentine Music Notes

Happy Valentine’s Day!