MTNA has negotiated with Office Depot to give it’s members some amazing deals on office supplies and copies! Here are just a few of them:

  • Black and white copies for 2.5 cents
  • Color copies for 22 cents
  • Binding, folding, and cutting is 35% off retail
  • All kinds of discounted products including binders, dividers, batteries, envelopes, paper, etc.

This means that you could get a whole unit of Rhythm Menagerie printed in color for $1.98! Then, you could copy the entire 86 page book of Rhythm Manipulations for your student for $2.15 and then get it bound for not much more! (I actually like the RM1 and RM2 books printed on at least 24 lb paper. It will only cost you slightly more to request this, but the RM2 book at 2.5 cents a copy will be quite a bargain.)

So, if you remember getting that email from MTNA on June 7th but didn’t think it had anything significant in it, you might want to dig it out of your deleted items and take a second look. You have to print the Office Depot card to get the discounts.

A few weeks ago, Susan Paradis, posted that she had gotten an amazing price on a significant printing job at her local Office Depot. S