I’ve just finished presenting Part 1 of Stress-free Business Practices at the National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy and I’ll be presenting Part 2 on Saturday at 11:30. I told all of the fabulous teachers that attended that I would write a post so that they could simply click on the many links to articles with further information. There are lots more articles about this and other pedagogy topics in the queue, so don’t forget to sign up for the email newsletter on the right (or below) to have these ideas delivered to your email every 3 weeks or so. Here are the links that you found in your handout and others that you might find helpful:


Free Tuition Brochure

More on Sample Tuition Plans

Dealing with Students Staring Mid-year

Yearly Price Increases

CPI Index Calculator from U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics

Yearly Price Increases Article

Wording for your policy:

“Families should expect a yearly increase in tuition appropriate to cost of living increases, expenses, and services offered.”

Flex Weeks

How to Institute Flex Weeks

More on Taking Unscheduled Time Off (this includes examples of how to do this if you use the school year + summer plan or the semester + summer plan)

Here’s wording for when you use your flex weeks:

“I will be taking this week off as one of my vacation weeks. You will not be paying for this week since I will still schedule myself to teach 40 weeks in the year as stated in my policy. Tuition will be the same for this month.”

Makeup Lessons

Top 5 Reasons You SHOULD Give Makeup Lessons (in case you want to chuckle again)

To Give or Not To Give Makeup Lessons (lists a number of options and the pros and cons of each)

Longer Lessons

Here are suggested wordings about lesson lengths for your policy:

“As a student advances, they will need to move to 45 minute lessons.”

“Thirty minute lessons are only available for students in year 1 of piano. Students in year 2 or beyond will be enrolled in forty-five minute lessons.”

“Students may enroll in 45 or 60 minute lessons. Thirty minute lessons are only offered to beginning students and at the teacher’s discretion.”

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All Dollars and Sense Posts (all kinds of info here including marketing and more!)

Got Enough Money? (Kristin Yost’s take on these issues)

Policy tips from Daycare (An interesting idea on late payments)

And You Thought My Makeup Lessons Policy was Severe (Everyone does this differently, so here’s another take)

Business Plans (a thought and link to one of my favorite bloggers and her helpful business plan resource)

Marketing 101, Marketing 102: Moving to a New Community, Marketing to Homeschool Students

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