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30 Piece Challenge Certificates – Designed by an Artist for You!

30 Piece Challenge Certificates The long awaited 40 piece challenge and 30 piece challenge certificates are finally here! Haven't you wanted great looking 30 piece challenge certificates that actually match your charts thematically? I thought so! So I hired an artist to design professional certificates that work with any of the [...]

The Beats are Here! Rhythm Cup Explorations 2 Accompaniment Beats – Even More Energy!

Rhythm Cup Explorations 2 Accompaniment Beats Are Here! The long awaited and requested Rhythm Cup Explorations 2 Accompaniment Beats have finally arrived and they are bigger and better than ever! Based on your feedback, which you so generously gave, here are some of the NEW highlights: A super slow [...]

Cup News! Issue 2

Rhythm Cup Explorations News! Issue 2 It's time for another edition of Cup News! I wanted to share more of the wonderful tips that others are sharing while using this resources. Are there accompaniment beats available? There are! I guess some of you have never seen these, but they are super cheap at only $5.99 [...]

30 and 40 Piece Challenge – New Charts, Cards, and Checklists!

30 and 40 Piece Challenge Charts, Cards, and Checklists! Last year, many of you started the 30 Piece Challenge in your studios! This idea, inspired by the brilliant pedagogue Elissa Milne, was very successful in my studio in helping my students learn much more music, become better readers and helping [...]

I Found It! My “Can’t Teach Without” Board

Almost a year ago, I posted about my favorite lined whiteboard in the "Can't Teach Without" series. I mentioned that I could no longer find it on EZ notes from whom I had purchased it many years ago at an MTNA conference. It seems the EZ Notes site doesn't sell [...]

Can’t Teach Without: Intermediate Duets

I've noticed of late how helpful it's been to play two piano classical duets with my intermediate students. These duets seem to solve so many issues from improper tempo changes, ritardando absences, listening issues, rhythm issues, and more. I absolutely love the Favorite Classics Accompaniment Book 1 published by Alfred [...]

My 2013 Teaching Aid Discovery

It seems like every year I discover some kind of amazing new teaching tool. Last year it was the Eggspert. The year before that it was the erasable highlighters that really work! As you know, I am an office-supply junkie and love to browse to see what's new. Since Frixion made such [...]

Can’t Teach Without: A Certain Whiteboard

This is the second article in the "Can't Teach Without..." series. I have two whiteboards in my studio and I can't imagine teaching without either of them! Both are magnetic which is important so that I can use all the wonderfully cute magnets that are available to teachers these days [...]

Can’t Teach Without: A Certain Subscription

This is the first post in the new series: “What I Can’t Teach Without.”  While there are many great gadgets and gizmos that I can’t teach without (my recommendations forthcoming), those gadgets would be nothing without solid pedagogy behind them. Since I am a number of years out of my [...]