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Interview with Elissa Milne on the 40 piece Challenge!

Interview with Elissa Milne on the 40 Piece Challenge Elissa Milne is changing the face of piano pedagogy in the 21st Century. I love that she consistently thinks outside the box and proposes creative and brilliant ideas for tackling the challenges we have as teachers. Elissa is the creator [...]

The Young Musician’s Guide to Songwriting – Interview and Giveaway!

I'm so excited to tell you about this new book that's already topping the Amazon charts! I've known Lisa Lukas for years now and have loved to hear about her own compositions and her work with young songwriters. So, when I heard that she was writing a book to help [...]

Join the Conversation on Thursday!

This event has already occurred, but you can still view the questions and answers posted here. Clavier Companion is featuring ComposeCreate.com and Rhythm Menagerie this Thursday at Noon, EST. If you would like to ask a question or just see what others ask, please join the conversation here. You can [...]

Thoughts on Teaching Composition with Carol Klose

Thoughts on Teaching Composition with Carol Klose I am thrilled that there is finally a resource book for teachers on teaching composition to piano students!  Carol Klose has written Piano Teacher's Guide to Creative Composition and it contains a great list ideas and tips on teaching composition to our students. [...]

An Interview with Randall Faber

JW Pepper recently published an interview with Randall Faber which I thought you might find interesting. Interview with Randall Faber Part 1 - In this interview, Randall answers such questions as: We know you are busy as a pianist, lecturer, composer, publisher and director of the Faber Piano Institute.  Do [...]

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Piano Teachers Resource Kit (Author Interview)

An interesting new book called the Piano Teachers Resource Kit has recently been published by Hal Leonard.  Several of you asked me some questions about the book, so I decided that I would interview the author, Karen Harrington, so that we could learn even more about this new teaching tool.  Currently, [...]

Deadline Extended: Help your students recognize a great opportunity

The questions for Mona are trickling in and someone told me that I might not have allowed enough time to tell teachers, who would tell their students, who needed to think about questions, and then needed to submit them!  So, I am extending the deadline for submitting questions to Mona to [...]