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Favorite Pieces of Mona Rejino–Intermediate

Yesterday, Mona shared about her favorite elementary pieces and why she likes them.  Today, she shares about her favorite intermediate pieces: Early Intermediate “Snap To It!” on the early intermediate level is a piece I often hear performed at jazz festivals. It is now available in the HLSPL Piano Recital Showcase [...]

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Favorite Pieces from Mona Rejino-Elementary

Mona Rejino, the composer for whom you may submit interview questions, has written a number of original pieces and arrangements for all levels of students. Her most recent pieces include "In the Groove" and Disney Film Favorites. For this post, I asked Mona the following question: What are your favorite [...]

Mona Rejino’s Life Outside Music

Too often, when we only know someone in one context, they get stuck in our minds existing only in that specific context.  Sometimes we see a teacher as someone always teaching, not someone who enjoys competitive cycling.  Sometimes we see a pastor as someone dressed up always helping people, not [...]

Who is Mona Rejino? Things you may not know…

I hope you and your students are thinking of some questions to ask Mona for our composer interview!  Please submit these in the comments section of this Composer Interview post.  Here is a brief preliminary interview with Mona which discusses interesting things you may not know. What are some things [...]

Your Chance to Interview Mona Rejino

If you are a student composer, music teacher, or piano teacher, you will want to take advantage of this great opportunity to submit interview questions to a living composer!  I'm sure you remember that last year, Kevin Costley was our featured composer and many of you sent excellent questions to [...]

Teaching Piano in Groups (Author Interview)

Christopher Fisher, Assistant Professor of Piano at Ohio University), has just written a new book called Teaching Piano in Groups.  This book is a one-stop compendium of information related to all aspects of group piano teaching.  I am sure it will become required reading for piano pedagogy students across the country.  In addition, [...]


Lisa Lukas is a composer friend of mine in California.  I met her on one of the piano teaching forums and we've shared ideas back and forth now for quite a while.  Lisa has won several awards through Composer Today as well as several grants from ASCAP.  When my elementary level Irish [...]

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