An interesting new book called the Piano Teachers Resource Kit has recently been published by Hal Leonard.  Several of you asked me some questions about the book, so I decided that I would interview the author, Karen Harrington, so that we could learn even more about this new teaching tool.  Currently, you can purchase the book from the new Hal Leonard fall catalogue which you can find on the newly redesigned Teacher Vip site.

What is the Piano Teacher’s Resource Kit?
It’s a book of worksheets and puzzles for students on five levels that can be reproduced.  What kinds of things does it include? Games and worksheets on Notes, Rhythm, Intervals, Vocabulary, Symbols, Scales, Chords and Key Signatures.  There are also various resources like charts, certificates and assignment sheets.

What ages of students could use these games, puzzles, and worksheets?
All ages – even adults.

What levels of students could use these?
From early elementary to early advanced. There are five levels for each concept.

Why did you create this resource?
I’ve been creating games on music theory for years and I loved this idea.  Classroom teachers have been using reproducible books for some time.

How might a piano teacher use these in their studio?
For individual students or groups.  I made a chart with my students’ names down the side and the concepts at the top.  I mark the level of the concept each time a worksheet is finished so I can keep track.  Some students may need to do one over a few weeks later for review.  

[Note: I was also thinking that these would be great activities for my waiting area so that sibling students could complete these while waiting for their lessons.]

Why do you think activities like these are beneficial for students?
The pages are great for either teaching or review and many pages are fun also.

Are there other individuals besides teachers that might find this book beneficial?
I’m finding that there are some students who want their own copies so they can work through the levels.

What was your favorite part about creating these resources?
Seeing the pages come to life and using them with my own students.

See more information and sample pages here: Piano Teacher Resource Kit