JW Pepper recently published an interview with Randall Faber which I thought you might find interesting.

Interview with Randall Faber Part 1 – In this interview, Randall answers such questions as:

  • We know you are busy as a pianist, lecturer, composer, publisher and director of the Faber Piano Institute.  Do you still have time to teach students?
  • You do so much.  How do you get the energy?  Are you super organized?
  • What do you find most fulfilling about your work in the piano world?

I especially like how Randall answers the last question as I feel that each of us teachers who share ideas and take the time to sharpen each other experience our own “lever” on our activities.  Here’s how Randall states it:

I think it’s probably the leverage in that each teacher makes such a difference to so many students.  So if I can have some impact on each teacher, whether it be through the writing of the materials of Piano Adventures®, or with lectures and performances, then there is a lever on that activity because I know it is amplified in that it can reach the lives of the students.  That’s what’s most fulfilling for me.

Interview with Randall Faber Part 2 – This interview features answers to these popular questions:

  • If it’s not confidential, will you share with us news of any Faber publications on the horizon?
  • What do you like to listen to when relaxing?  (The answer may surprise you!)
  • What motivates you?