Teachers, I need your help in the Cartoon Motive Contest which I will be explaining in detail tomorrow.  I will be awarding a “People’s Choice Award” to the student who receives the most votes in this Cartoon Motive Contest and I need you to be my “people” to find the best motive!  

Please vote on your favorite motive for the winning pictures by leaving a comment below.  Remember, vote on the melodic motive that you believe best represents the character.  Choose one motive for Cartoon Character #1 and one motive for Cartoon Character #2.  You have until July 23rd to cast your vote. 

I appreciate the encouragment that you will be giving my students by participating in this contest.  My students know that composing is important to me and them, but it would be wonderful for them to see that many others believe it is important as well.  We thank you for your participation!  (Feel free to spread the word (Facebook, Twitter, your colleagues).  The more input we get on these motives, the better!) 

Cartoon Character #1


“My character is a European knight riding into battle.” –Michael  

Entry 1 

Entry 2 

Entry 3 

Entry 4 

Entry 5 

Entry 6 

Entry 7 

Cartoon Character #2

Sarah's winning character


“Talon is not necessarily a vicious dragon, but he ferociously guards his large mounds of treasure.  He owns a very special hourglass shaped necklace, his most prized possession which allows him to time travel.  He spends most of his free time traveling to the ancient past and the distant future and stealing valuable treasures and jewels; these he adds to his collection.  If you try to steal any of his treasure, brag that you have more than he does, or make any comments that downplays his treasure, however, then beware: he will get revenge!”  –Sarah 

Entry 1 Talon 

Entry 2 Talon 

Entry 3 Talon 

Entry 4 Talon 

Entry 5 Talon 

Entry 6 Talon

Entry 7 Talon

Thank you for casting your vote!