It’s hard to believe, but there are 2x the number of ComposeCreate subscribers now since this time last year! So it stands to reason that most of you have actually never seen this pre-planned Music Christmas Party that’s guaranteed to leave your students excited about lessons for next year. Don’t miss the FREE resources!

The Best Music Christmas Party Ever

There are 5 items you need for the best music Christmas party ever. But don’t panic, because you can get 4 of them right here and the other one can be provided by the kids. Here they are:

Holiday Who Am I - Christmas Music GameItem #1 – Holiday Icebreaker game

A good holiday party needs a fun icebreaker! Watch the quick video below to see how to play this fun game. Also note that there are 2 pages of holiday characters that are secular and only 1 that is the traditional Christmas story characters. So, just use what works best for your studio or music classroom. Download the free game at the bottom of the post. It’s great for about 10 minutes of the lesson.

Name That Holiday Tune - Christmas Music GameItem #2 – Another FREE Music Christmas Party Game

After the fun holiday music ice breaker game, we need a game about music (we are music teachers giving a music lesson after all)! Watch the quick video below to see how to play this fun game. Of course, if you have limited time, you’ll probably want to leave this one out when you see what Item #4 is.

Holiday Rhythm Cup ExplorationsItem #3 – The Most Fun Christmas Music Party Game

Holiday Rhythm Cup Explorations will be the highlight of this year’s group party, partner lessons, or music class! Another supplement to the fun, reproducible rhythm curriculum (Rhythm Menagerie and Rhythm Manipulations, and Rhythm Cup Explorations), Rhythm Cup Exploration Holiday Edition takes advantage of “the cup craze” to re-enforce rhythms you’ve been teaching all year! And the holiday edition adds new elements like music to play while students tap, reaching and cup tapping each other’s cups, tossing cups, and more! But don’t take my word for it, look at the faces of the students in this video! 

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Item #4 – Food for the Best Music Christmas Party

Every fun holiday party has to have food! But, let me just give you 2 tips to make this easy:

  1. Your strength is teaching music (though you might also like to cook, unlike me!). But you don’t need to wow everyone with your cooking skills at your party. Plus, you don’t need the stress. So feel free to just ask parents to bring something to eat to the party. Then, they can fill in with their own protein, veggies, gluten-free dessert, or whatever special order foods might have stressed you out!
  2. If you really must make something, download the file and you’ll get an excellent, easy recipe for Holiday Hay Stacks!

Item #5 – Schedule for the Best Music Christmas Party

I don’t know if you are a list-maker like me, but on the day of a group lesson, I like to make sure I have a list of all my supplies and also a hard copy of my actual schedule for the lesson. So to make sure your holiday lesson plan is complete, you’re download will include a final document for you that includes the following:

  • Materials – Exactly what do you need to have ready that day?
  • Schedule – There are 4 in this file: one for a 45 minute lesson, 60 minute lesson, overlapping lessons, and a 50 minute music class
  • Tips – What do you do if a family can’t come? How can you make sure no one insists on a private lesson that week? What about if you have a studio with various religious beliefs regarding the holidays?
  • Copy and Convince – You don’t have time to write that email that explains to parents why this group lesson is important (and why they don’t need to insist on a private lesson), so just copy and paste the text that I have written for you that’s included in this bundle, and send away!

Get all the Supplies Here:

Get Holiday Rhythm Cup Explorations:


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Download the Holiday Icebreaker Game, Holiday Name that Tune, and Your Schedule and Checklist.