I’m so excited to tell you about two new early elementary solos for your fall and Halloween recitals! You can also see the other late elementary fall piece below.

A Scream on Halloween

Your kids can get wild with this one…slapping the keys and even screaming if they want! “Once upon a time in the gloomy dark night, I heard a scream…EEEEEEeeeeeeeK!” Then comes they dreaded part where they must tiptoe down the basement with no one to go with them…EEEEEEeeeeeeek! See a sample.

Early Elementary: Steps/skips; quarters, half, and dotted half notes

Video: Watch this sample video complete with screams from one of my noisy kiddos!

Candy Nabber

Kids will love this piece about that dreaded “Candy Nabber” that threatens to take away their candy they collected while trick or treating. When he comes a knockin’ (yes, both the student and teacher knock on the piano), what will you do? It’s a creepy, forceful, and exciting piece for your fall recital! See a sample.

Early Elementary: Steps/skips; quarters and half notes

Video: Watch this fun video complete with the Candy Nabber knockin’ on YOUR door!

Scatterbrain Scarecrow

You’ll want to watch the video to see/read what really inspired this piece. It’s a great piece for your kids who want to play a fall piece, but don’t like Halloween. A few (easy) shifting meters make this piece come alive with scattered thoughts and energy!

Late Elementary: Eighth notes, a few easy shifting meters

Video: Read the captions to see how this piece really came into being. Shhhhh….don’t tell my students!