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A Scream on Halloween is a fun early elementary piano solo that gives students the chance to slap the keys (and even scream if they want)!

Printed Sheet – This piece is only available as a printed sheet. No reproductions allowed. Shipped to U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, or New Zealand.

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A Scream on Halloween is a super fun piece for early to mid elementary piano students. Students get to slap the keyboard to represent a scream. The lyrics tell a mysterious story about hearing a scream in the night and the melody gives the impression that the student is creeping around trying to solve the mystery!

A Scream on Halloween contains only steps and repeated notes, making this an easy piece to teach to early elementary students. The piece is in Middle C position (notated in middle C, but students play one octave lower). The piece is in triple meter.

A Scream on Halloween is a fun, creepy sounding piece that is engaging for elementary age students who are early to mid elementary.

A Scream on Halloween is Printed Sheet Music

A Scream on Halloween is only available as printed sheet music. We ship to all U.S. address for a flat $5 fee (and a few other countries for a flat fee as well), so you can add as many pieces of printed music or printed books toy our order without paying more shipping. Visit our Printed Music section of the store to see what other printed pieces are available!

Teachers who like The Rite of Fall will love this bundle of east halloween pieces!The Most Popular 3 Halloween Pieces:

If you like A Scream on Halloween, don’t forget to take  a look at the special Halloween Bundle of 3 popular elementary pieces that make your elementary (early to mid) sound absolutely fabulous and more advanced at the piano! The Halloween Bundle includes Something In My Piano, You Don’t Scare Me Now and The Candy Nabber. Plus this bundle contains a studio license which allows you to print as many of these pieces as you ever need for students you directly teach. [A Scream on Halloween does not have a studio license. No reproductions allowed.]


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  1. Amy Clarke

    A fun piece my 9 year old female student wants to play for the upcoming recital. The “screams” in the piece are exciting to play with or without the player screaming too. 😊

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