Subscription for ComposeCreate music

To ‘Subscription’ or Not to ‘Subscription’ – New Ways to Save on Music!

Over the years, we’ve tried to come up with a way to use the popular subscription business model in the ComposeCreate store. Of course, it would be better for us in terms of a business model and revenue, but we’ve just always had some reservations about subscriptions.

Here’s what we don’t like about them:

  1. Too often, people buy a subscription and then don’t get a return on their investment. They pay monthly and then aren’t able to use all of what they get for that monthly subscription.
  2. Sometimes people forget they are subscribed, they keep paying, and they get no benefit at all. [Think gym memberships!]
  3. Having to produce content monthly for a subscription might mean that I write music because I have to, not because it really meets a need or is something I want to write. I’m not saying I always feel like composing when I compose, but I don’t want the quality of what I write to go down because I have to meet a quota. My commitment has always been to put out only top quality music, and I plan to continue doing that. But I know how much time, space and margin I have in my life and want to make sure my family has all of me when I am present.

Obviously, the benefits of having some kind of a subscription model include:

  1. Better savings for you – but that’s assuming you use everything that you get.
  2. More consistent revenue for me.

So last year, we conducted a subscription survey

Last year, I sent out a survey to my best ComposeCreate customers – ones that had made consistent purchases over the years. I wanted to know what teachers needed, wanted, and thought about this kind of subscription. And while many teachers said, “Sign me up!” because they want everything we put out (thank you if you feel that way!), there were others that were concerned about some of the same things I’ve mentioned. Some even brought up other concerns that had never occurred to me.

Sigh. Back to the drawing board.

But whenever we go back to the drawing board on something, the question is always, “What is best for the teacher?”

That survey told me that the best thing for most teachers was to keep giving you the power of choice and give you savings where possible such that we can continue to provide Music Kids Love and resources that you can use.

We’re trying something different…

2019 New Release Bundle - Music composed by Wendy Stevens

So this year, I’m trying a new idea that gives you the power of choice, an extra discount, AND the ability to get the 6 school year releases (everything we will release from 8/13-9/13) all at once. Today, we’re releasing the 2019 ComposeCreate New Release Bundle that contains all 6 new releases in one discounted bundle.

So if you want it all, you can get it cheaper!

The bundle is discounted at 15% instead of the usual 10% off individual pieces. Plus, you don’t have to wait for the weekly newsletter to announce when they come out individually. In addition you won’t miss any of the sales (we only have individual pieces on sale for 3-4 days when they are announced in the newsletter).

Instead, you can get them discounted all at once in the bundle!

So, to watch videos and see samples of all the new releases or to get the bundle on sale, visit the 2019 New Release Bundle Product.

Let me know what you think about this new way of releasing music. It’s a lot more work up front for me since everything has to be ready at once, so I’ll need to know if this is helpful or not so I can try it again if it is.

I also want to say that this doesn’t mean that we won’t do some kind of subscription model in the future…there’s probably some way it would work for you and us, but we just haven’t yet found a way we like. I also acknowledge that there are some great services that exist right now with a subscription-based model and I’m sure that’s working for many people. We just keep wrestling with how this kind of thing works for what we release, so we’ll keep wrestling.

But in the meantime, I hope this news about a new way to save for these school year releases is helpful!

Thanks for leaving any thoughts! Please let me know if you have any questions at all!